This guy is selling me on VR. He says he visited the peak of Mt. Everest and the Cave of Lascaux (the latter’s been restricted to scientists for decades). He says he wandered around at the cellular level one moment and a tyrannosaurus rex lumbering at him made him sweat in the next.

It’s also a particularly fitting way to visit, because Lascaux may be the oldest example in human history of an attempt to create a virtual world. You’d never know it from looking at photographs, but when you stand inside the caves—virtually or in person—the intention is clear.

Bruh I wonder if you can visit Iran using VR, I’m soyfacing right now at the prospect.

Yup, you can.

Tying it all together

the ancient Greeks built their own VR viewers out of wood, stone, and marble—the word theater comes from the Greek verb theasthai, or literally, “to view.”

He thinks they won’t merely be used for movies and video games though.

Hmm… I wonder if audiobooks could be improved with VR somehow. I’m just perpetually obsessed with the 21st century possibilities of a Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk.

The first panorama was painted in 1787. Seventy feet wide watercolor of Calton Hill, pinned up in a cylinder. Can your brain logic the fact that I can’t post a picture of that?

There’ve been reports from DMT-users that 360° vision is able to be achieved. They also claim to experience Planck time. I bring this up because I think ideally VR and the most potent entheogens will/should go together.

Back to history though, this was Robert Barker

Viewers stood on a platform in the middle, surrounded by the painting, so that it simulated the experience of actually being in Scotland. He patented the technique as the Panorama, coining the now common term from the Greek words pan and horama—“all that which is seen.”

Don’t you wish you invented a new artform and got to decide which Greek words to bonk together? That’s the dream. Wait, have I already done that, I lose track. All dust in the wind to me. Oh god, I feel like Samuel Beckett more every day.

Some kid in California actually invented the VR headset more or less (Nintendo botched a design some decades prior).

Do you see how technology can grow out of art though? Perhaps two hundred years from now an art will grow out of VR.

Now I want to do a VR tour of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen (that’s a funny-sounding word isn’t it, Bergen-Belsen)–of the chambers they don’t let visitors access, if you catch my drift. Those chambers prevent so much truth from emerging into the world. They might as well be an evil obelisk or something. The Tower of Sauron. Factories that produce monkeypeople at industrial levels.

Whoa, I never realized the continuity of all this

In 1895, French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière wowed audiences with their Cinématographe, a camera that photographed a series of images on a strip of perforated film and could also project these “motion pictures” onto a theater screen.

From the panorama to the reel to VR.

There’s some complex here to say about geometry, about circles, that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Human consciousness itself evolves with these inventions.

The panorama took off fast- it was worldwide within a couple decades. No one had ever thought of it before. Imagine how many people reached the peak of a mountain and did a 360 turn, and never had the idea to paint the 360. Human history is the modesty of synapse firing. “Om a seemple mayinn!”

What I imagine is CRISPR, entheogens, and VR all working together to create realer than real experiences never before had. And it goes without saying that we need to resuscitate fine art that PLAYS on that VR. Yes, excellent. And, being social animals, you need a good friend to “co-op” with in these interactive philosophical video games. No zogpuppet can be a good friend. There, I just outlined the craziest experience, now chop chop get it done. What, would there be a nose sniffing around to prevent that from happening? Only gruel for the goys afta our terrible exile oy! -throws a brick at a jew’s head- oops. In fact I might want to do THAT on VR. That’s all the game is, you’re just throwing bricks at jews’ faces and hearing the multitude of noises they make. Ahh! Ugh! Ohhh!

The first “movie house” opened in 1896

Early moving pictures might have been monochrome and silent, but the photographic images and lifelike motion were real enough to transport viewers into the world of movies.

This is 1915- it takes so much to amuse us these days

the audience wore red and green glasses and watched a few minutes of footage that included dancing girls and shots of Niagara Falls. According to a review in the New York Dramatic Mirror, the audience was “frequently moved to applause”

It’s a waterfall, I’m so excited! Take me back to that lack of callous, overly-entertained state of being.

Bioshock and Mass Effect were pretty sweet though.

As you might expect, VR was invented in the clouds, decades before being actualized, in none other than a scifi magazine. 1935, “Pygmalion’s Spectacles”. In that, the user of the device is able to be the character in the movie, and it was so immersive he was tricked into believing it was real. Here is what the inventor says in it

And the voice was mine; you didn’t speak at all, except your name at the first, and I left a blank for that. I played your part, you see

Being tricked into falling in love with an elfin woman, I could go for that.

The scholar I’ve been drawing from says he could ALMOST smell that t rex. How about we rig the VR so we can ACTUALLY smell it? What would an elfin woman smell like? That’s up to the imagination of the artist. I think you see where this is leading, and that also is up to one’s imagination.

Some people like to fly like a bird

The platform tips forward if you dive and the fan adjusts based on your flying speed.

They also have a bicycle set-up where you can go extreme mountain biking, dodging boulders and the like, without risking breaking your neck.

This redditor is kind of funny

  • Get a pet, Konrad the Kitten? Pet that shit
  • Go to virtual museums and see shit
  • Watch 360 videos documentaries of animals taking a shit

The third one is just how you want to spend your freetime, right? Just throw some datura in there and you’ll be golden. Just kidding, never do “witch’s brew” datura. Hanging out with deadly animals without a cage sounds like it would be fun though. There’s a swimming with sharks simulator, also a sea turtle one if you prefer that. I still want to see a game where you join a talkative young Socrates in fighting in the Peloponnesian War.

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