Since I got a taste of adventure with Uncharted recently I want to look at one of my favorite classics in the genre, Treasure Island. This is one of those examples–like a Kerouac novel–of the fact that just because something is simplistic doesn’t mean that it can’t be enthralling. Some people are just good storytellers and can make riveting use of simple materials. I don’t think we were designed to chill with Kant in the stratosphere every waking moment- part of our nature yearns for all-too-human things like adventure. The “phenomena” rather than the noumenon.

Let’s see something nonfictional the author of Treasure Island, Stevenson, said

the excitement of a good talk lives for a long while after in the blood, the heart still hot within you

Novelists tend to be masters of talking. Just looking at the bare fundamentals here. An adventure isn’t just events. It’s adventurous talking that leads to events. Remember, this is the genre that feminists have reservations about. The characters usually talk boldly, and take bold actions.

“You’re not doing that, you can’t do that, STOP!” And the adventurer says “No”.

Stevenson seems to be right that bold talk, a good bold talk, lives in the blood for a while after.

For perspective, Treasure Island was published the same year as Thus Spoke Zarathustra, speaking of adventurousness.

In case you’re out of the loop because you read only garbage, in question is the quintessential “pirate novel”. We basically get all of our ideas about pirates from this novel, and specifically the 1950 film adaptation thereof, so something more well-known like Pirates of the Caribbean was indirectly influenced by it, inescapably.

Have you ever had the urge to take to the high seas? Hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats, as Mencken put it? I see anons as a type of pirate, their accounts their ships. Schmitt noted that the pirate used to be regarded as the “enemy” of all humankind, and I don’t think most anons take it that far though.

Stevenson must be a master talker, because this novel has stuck with me, one might say in my gut, for years. Once in a blue moon a piratic anon floats by who has this effect too. Moreso before Trump’s infamous “trolling” after which the silicon valley vaginas went hard into lockdown mode on teh internets. (That should be the techlords’ mascot, a vagina.)

This is ironic- similar to Plato, Stevenson rank-ordered talking above literature

the narrative of Treasure Island imagines itself as a form of “living print” that gestures towards what I conceptualize as a parrot-like text

The parrot in this novel, that perches on Long John Silver’s shoulder, is always brawwwting “Pieces of eight!” to alert the pirates of silver. That’s cute. It’s pretty amazing an animal can speak English, isn’t it?

Uncharted is the parroting of the perfect adventure you’d like to have in reality. That is closer to Indiana Jones than Treasure Island for the most part though.

Stevenson wrote an essay during the time he wrote this novel where he compares talking to music

“harmonious speech” requires an “amicable counter-assertion of personality,” another talker possessed of different tones

I knew there must be a reason why it was so absorbing! He had it down to a science of sorts.

What is people’s idea of adventure today anyway? Something paltry like “disc golf”? Or in the case of women, going on a three day “vacation” and sleeping with six “mysterious strangers”? The whole personality of zogwomen seems to be laying back and being humped. “I bend over too!” Wow, such sophistication. Then the dudes watch simulations of adventure known as sports. All these simpletons think they deserve a vote.

Yep, our neurotically up-tight liberals will have none of this

Stevenson’s interest in talk’s sophistication and talkers’ potential for masterful artistry—their skillful embrace of instability over certainty and willingness to cede central control in favor of continuing co-creation.

Adventure and good talk are similar in that they both require opening oneself up to danger and being vulnerable. That’s avoided like the plague, thus discourse tends to be extremely boring. The liberals and the antifa right will never let themselves be vulnerable, thus they will never be heroic. They’ll always be waiting for someone else to do it for them, and they’ll be waiting forever.

Yup, there IS a lot of this in Treasure Island

In “Talk and Talkers,” Stevenson describes the way in which the best “talkers, once launched, begin to overflow the limits of their ordinary selves, tower up to the height of their secret pretensions, and give themselves out for the heroes…they aspire to be”

The mob will swarm you and tear you down if you tower up to the height you aspire to be. Jews, women, and plebs all cherish monotony. Go ahead and throw on an eyepatch and launch some cannonballs at the egregore and see what happens.

Stevenson says adventure obeys the ideal laws of the daydream.

Though ostensibly ordinary, in its own way, talk, as much as adventure, offers the experience and excitement of openly exploring new realms.

This is so dead today!

Pretty much anytime I’m outside I’m wishing I’m on an adventure. Let’s go on one, anon. Yeah right, and so I resign myself to adventuring on the internet.

Stevenson’s daughter said no one wrote down notes of his talk because he always left his listeners spellbound. The “bard” genotype. He told the story of Treasure Island originally to his family, and recoiled at a publisher’s suggestion that he make it public.

Damn, this is Kantian

Japp disrupted the easy flow of creativity with a mundane commercial errand. Soon after the interruption and the “positive engagement” of serial publication, Stevenson alleges that suddenly his “mouth was empty; there was not a word of Treasure Island in my bosom”

Just think though, we wouldn’t have Muppet Treasure Island without this story being divulged. Or maybe not even Hook. (Some say Peter Pan was modeled on the protagonist of this novel.) This reminds me that I have to play the Assassin’s Creed game that’s set on the high seas.

Anyway, I bet if you engaged in some adventurous talk more people would appreciate it than you might expect.

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