Still preoccupied with that idea of experiencing Planck time, I googled around and finally found someone drawing from the best scientific book on entheogens that I know of.

I was perhaps most struck by this certainty of feeling that what I was witnessing was impossible, law-defying. The geometry and objects in this space were transforming themselves in impossible ways, like a hyper-dimensional Rubix cube. I was suddenly able to perceive 4D objects, like a tesseract, as if they were 3D objects. I could also describe it as like visiting a world based on Escher’s drawings of impossible objects, spaces, and architecture; however, everything made perfect sense, in that activity was occurring in this impossible realm in a reified manner. There was an orderliness and novel lawfulness occurring

I think the next stage of evolution is contained in this experience.

“What, you can’t experience 4D objects in a 3D way, how primitive can you get?”

Experiencing the impossible is a perfect way to put it. What seem like paradoxes aren’t paradoxes anymore, they are solved, it’s just that the ordinary everyday mind doesn’t have the strength to solve them.

This neurobiologist sounds crazy to most people, and the funny thing is that it’s a foundational belief in Theravada Buddhism, it’s just that when a scientist says it something seems off. So just to skip all the rhetoric, the point of life is to transcribe oneself into the hyperdimensional space. The entities one encounters there are former “people” who reached Nirvana. This is HIS theory, not mine, I’m not the crazy one here.

See, who in their mind could believe this was possible?

what happens is, the world is completely replaced, instantly, 100 percent. It’s all gone. And what’s put in its place, not one iota of what’s put in its place was taken from this world. It’s a 100 percent reality channel switch.

If you’re a witchy type that knows the occult is real, none of this should faze you very much. I hesitate to call it magic but you probably wouldn’t be misspeaking to say it is magical objects you experience in the hyperdimensional space. They’re unlocked paradoxes.

I’ve grown to realize that Joe Rogan didn’t ruin these subjects- the initial people to speak of them will necessarily appear as clowns to our culture, so he just took a bullet for the team. And believe it or not we don’t really care if we’re perceived that way by people who don’t even know that 4D objects can be perceived in a 3D way.

You can use the method of division to isolate the Philosopher’s Stone into four or five different types, and only a couple of them aren’t child’s play. Nonetheless they’ll haul you off to ass rape prison for using any of them. It’s not a new idea here that the apes are hostile to anything that doesn’t preserve their present evolutionary stage. So Bubba will want to have a word with you if you perceive those 4D objects, a word and maybe a gentle kiss.

Kant… argued that it is not necessary for space to have just three dimensions. Kant argued that space:

“[that] has the property of threefold dimension … is arbitrary … . A science of all these possible kinds of space would undoubtedly be the highest enterprise which a finite understanding could undertake.”

Why leave String Theory to theory when you can experience an extra dimension or two of the postulated ten for yourself? This is similar to how Neptune was only discovered via math for so many years before it was finally photographed. Look at this photograph. (Not sorry.)

Here is Einstein, if that’s what you need

[W]e ascribe physical reality to the fifth dimension.

And before you ask, the entities wouldn’t want to be “brought back” to our dimension, it’s a filthy place here.

Look at this nutcase neurobiologist

the brain re-emerges from Cell states sensitive to the HyperGrid’s orthogonal dimensions. [The] brain is transformed into a higher-dimensional processor within the HyperGrid.

Click here for a similar theory that’s related to Planck time.

This is why we need to study radiation-resistant bacteria and the conversion of regolith into oxygen, because this planet is hostile to posthumanism, which is already an–if mostly latent–reality.

Occult ritual seems to put the mind into a state similar to that spoken of above where higher paradoxes are more fluidly solved.

This is a pretty wild claim

We might speculate, in a way similar to Gallimore’s reality switch hypothesis, that DMT changes the brain itself into a hyperspatial object

Just pretend I never said any of this- read more about these theories here.

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