Isn’t it kind of annoying to think there is probably a study on studies out there somewhere? I’ve never seen one. The study is easily one of my favorite genres though so if I did see one I’d likely read it. I’m looking at one now on how contemporaryish science inspired Weird Fiction and have this thought, because no matter what the study is on it’s always a study and in that sense they’re all pretty hackneyed. There’s a range of creativity among them no doubt though- I first exed out of the obligatory Derridean-Deleuzean study on Weird Fiction I clicked (which is very common in humanities lit). Ah you’d think someone who sees so cleanly right thru our intelleckshual caste would be treated better in a culture instead of punished- that’s where you’re wrong, kid. I think the academics could use a study ON studies, because that would probably help them be less cookie-cutter. The very medium of “study” probably taints whatever subject is at hand. There must be other ways to approach the disciplines. I just see lots of unreflective conformism. It reminds me of how Anne Carson prefaced her translation of a play with her own poem- very few are as daring as Carson. Of course when you have clout like her they let you do it, grab em by the poesy. Nah, in reality no amount of clout gets you very far in our puritanically strict culture. That’s why you should open your arms to both the pure and poisonous winds by “being yourself online”. “You’re never going to convince me so just shut your mouth.”

Anyway I digress by being too abstract. I once again find myself craving the weird. One girl I knew had toes that looked like she was inbred- I don’t mean weird like that.

Did you know that the same person who wrote Treasure Island wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Some story-tellers can be pretty dynamic, or have a split-personality as it were. The latter in this study is being taken as one of the first Weird tales.

What’s Weird to me is how the political conspiracy is consented to by everyone in a Psychic way. It’s unspoken, they just Know. There’s a subconscious hum of the hive that underlies their behavior.

My motivation here stems from my thought that you arguably don’t care about some philosophical theory unless there’s something weird about it. That aspect seems intrinsic to the experience of knowledge-seeking. In a certain sense, weirdness is the eschaton immanentizing. It’s the divine being unmasked in its pure newness, almost as if unconditioned by cause and effect. This is what a weird person is like too.

I think a kind of trauma can lead to this, because something has to shake a person out of the status quo. Something weird or exceptional has to happen to them to make them weird.

-clenches fist in air- Mass Effect was weird! And now I have to find something that can match up to that, and I probably can’t.

Dionysianism probably isn’t weird to you anymore if you’ve been visiting this site for a while

The weird draws on the past—Old Ones dormant for millennia in Lovecraft’s work, ancient worlds of cults, pagan gods

Dionysus really is a dirty bomb in our culture if you know the true nature of the god. He promises to consume everything, in a bloody rite. Kind of a Pandora’s Box of a god.

Anyway, continuing to extract the essence of “weird”- try some psilocybin on Halloween, THAT’S weird.

Lately in my torture I’ve had the benefit of observing the phenomenology of dreaming more acutely. There’s a shift you might not notice. At first you visualize some scene, say a sunny field, and it’s an object out there. After that, you enter that scene! This is what happens sometimes when you fall asleep. You go into a “vision” that is first-person. It’s almost like switching from a TV to VR. Try to observe your experience next time you begin dreaming. That’s weird.

There’s something tacky or kitsch about Croenenbergian body-horror- I think that misses the mark of the truly weird, like that girl’s toes.

This hits

seemed to follow the symmetries of some cosmic geometry unknown to earth or the solar system

Speaking of hitting, women are giving it up to anyone these days to such an extent I wouldn’t be surprised if next year I heard “The homeless man in rags was digging through a gabage can so I let him hit.” Just -insert reason here- will be the motivation. Really? I only want to hit someone who is weird. See, we always have to have a eugenic twist here.

Last night for instance I ordered a cyberpunk game (the Deus Ex prequel) because there’s something particularly weird about that genre of human enhancement. Surgery on human beings not just for medical purposes is weird.

Know what else is weird? The Kabbalistic ideal of the androgyne, and how the powers that be seem to be carrying out the project in real time. I feel this insomnia torture is even part of that project. They want everyone to be as dumb as a nigger, as tame as a woman, and as immoral as a jew. Anyone who refuses is a “terrorist”.

Anyway some technical history- probably an apt judgment here

In a review of The Great God Pan [by Machen], the Glasgow Herald declared that: “Nothing more striking or more skilful than this book has been produced in the way of what one may call Borderland fiction since Mr Stevenson’s […] Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

Machen was a member of the Golden Dawn. Anything to do with ritual magic is weird. Ritual magic performed for the end of bringing about the enhanced human is doubly weird. And if we consult Crowley, that’s exactly what ritual magic is FOR.

Hmm I never noticed there was a scientific setting to the birth of this genre

The Great God Pan involves a piece of brain surgery, and Jekyll and Hyde uses a carefully concocted chemical potion. The effects are legibly spiritual or psychical—Mary communes with “the god Pan” to the loss of her sanity and the birth of a strange offspring, and Jekyll becomes Hyde in body and soul—but in both cases the method is a laboratory experiment, not a séance, and the outcome is horrifying, not consolatory.

Potion and brain surgery to create something weird- that is in the realm of the possible today.

Lol do you think THIS is an academic approach to this genre?

“Wait a second here, jews aren’t immoral.” You know it’s immoral to lie, right?

Anyway! I don’t expect the golems to see what I’m getting at here due to the blindness inherent in being what they are. They say there’s a color only those attuned to the occult can see- octarine.

Here is Lovecraft on a color like that

It was just a colour out of space—a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us… that riot of luminous amorphousness, that alien and undimensioned rainbow of cryptic poison from the well—seething, feeling, lapping, reaching, scintillating, straining, and malignly bubbling in its cosmic and unrecognisable chromaticism.

I expect the truly enhanced human to appear as something like this to the unenhanced.

Or to use another of the senses

The sound design was important for adding an alien feel. According to Stanley, the score includes ultrasound and infrasound, pushing “beyond the human auditory level … into forbidden frequencies.”

sigh… The way we see and hear today is so modest. Especially our intuition is modest. They only want it duller in the future too. Real intuition is a forbidden frequency.

“Intuition is only something that is to be used for the over-arching goal of communism.” No, that itself is dull intuition. The way the left is heading they’re going to have a commune full of people no one would want to be in a commune with.

I only humbly propose the seemingly harmless idea that weirdness is a good thing, and that there’s something weird about the hostility toward that idea.

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