400 pages of this, and only like a couple pages for each one…

The majority of the text, however, deals with individual science-fictional games

Let’s see if we can find some novel concepts here.

A swing and a miss for the first handful of selections. It’s pretty tough-going out here. Some pessimists believe that the genre was exhausted even by the classic scifi writers like Clarke and Asimov. I don’t think that’s true.

Okay, this one makes me smirk, but it does remind me of Men in Black

In a future galactic civilization, the creation of privately owned pocket universes has become a hobby for the immortal rich.

I just want to be aided in thinking outside the box, and scifi seems to have more of an infinity of possibilities compared to other genres like romance, say. Some genres have more of a standard or stock formula than others.

This reminds me of lots of people

They’ve already reached that point in many cases unfortunately.

Anuddah one

the nefarious schemes of one Dr Dinsey, who plans to conquer the world with an army of human–animal hybrids

Sometimes you don’t have to play a scifi game to find yourself enmeshed in a scenario like this.

This one seems real too

The future France of the game is a society of junkies hooked on dangerously addictive memory swaps, where the personalities of dissidents are simply erased.

That’s how history was, right right right.

You were never checkmated by a nazi shitposter, and you aren’t a sore loser, right right right.

Anyway a lot of these plots I’m reading are painfully mind-numbing for all the times I’ve seen them before, so trust that I’m sparing you by not sharing them.

Something’s gotta give, we need new plots in our culture. Because the ones we cycle through over and over are TIRED.

Once all plots are exhausted it seems the logical next move is to join a suicide-cult. And we don’t want that.

Why would I regret nuking the west… it’s all so evil, it deserved it.

100 pages into this I can’t take it anymore, I’ve seen it all.

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