True, no?

the far right has not gone away – far from it – it is more powerful now than it has been for a generation. It has produced new configurations of tactics, priorities, and goals. Those who have survived the arrival of the internet have found a greater capacity to exert power than at any point since the Second World War.

I’m in my recurrent state of perplexity staring at, not anything on the glowing screen, but the glowing screen itself, and wondering what exactly the internet IS.

It seems with it we’re all living in some kind of high-tech future.

Similar to video games I’ve never seen a mindblowing study on it. Understanding must lag behind emergent technologies.

Let’s do a phenomenology here and look at the most immediate details. About 5 out of 8 of the billion people in the world use the internet. So that means when you use the internet you are possibly speaking to up to 5 billion people.

Some sorcerer could potentially orchestrate all those people to be a swarm, theoretically.

Now, if the many brown people of the world were to learn who rules the world from the internet what do you think their reaction would be? Despite whether they are good or bad rulers one might expect that they’d probably be somewhat uneasy. One might expect that THEY’D want to rule their world in their place, despite anything. So there are dangerous possibilities with this potential audience, the latter of which seeming to define how the internet is distinct from other mediums.

So this glowing screen is a place to say one’s piece. Even if no one ever reads it, the potential for 5 billion readers is there. In the US that’s at a price of about $2 a day on average. For such a potential, talk about dirt cheap. Here, you can make anywhere from 7 to 16 bucks an hour in minimum wage, so that means anyone formerly relegated to the peasant caste also has this insane potential to speak to so many people.

That’s just the most immediate fact about the internet I can think of. How many people talk on the internet and never talk about what the internet is? Isn’t that what it is, that we’re here as one big family? So much love for each other, you could cut it with a knife.

That brings me to my next most immediate fact about the internet. 1, it’s an easy potential for a mass audience, and 2, it’s a potential mass audience through some form of simulated conversation.

Even youtube and podcasts are not real so cut the crap. None of this is real here. That is one of the main facts about the place. So you have to pay a price for having such an potential audience. You’re not going to be making eye-contact with them and having a normal (see: REAL) discussion.

I think of my pet-favorite neech and how I never had a real discussion with him, and that’s sad to me, because I probably missed half of what he was saying at the very least.

So the method of division thus far- you talk to perhaps lots of people and it isn’t exactly real. This is the concreteness of the abstract “glowing screen”.

I don’t claim to have an objective division-method, I only suggest you try it out for yourself. My third instinct about the most immediate meaning of the internet is that it’s a place you can be anyone you want.

To give you an example, I sometimes see a Rabbi in the store with a few of his kids, and besides out of a question of honor because children are present, I leave him alone because those sorts of things will catch up to you in a relatively small town and you might find yourself starving to death for being a certain way to a protected race. Too bad, because that would just be Socrates in action in my mind. With the internet though, since it isn’t exactly “real”, again, we feel more liberties to carry out a Self that we might not in real life. You can have fun with that, there’s a likelihood that Rabbi has the local police force on payroll. So if you’re a facelord online just expect no one honest to trust what you say, because you might as well be following the unfree rules of real-life at that point and squandering the possibilities of the internet. In fact, whenever you see a facelord it’s best to interpret them as carrying the real-life totalitarianism around with them with everything they say. What they’re really doing is trying to exploit a new technology to profit at the expense of using it to do actual good in the world. No doubt some species of sad commie nigger.

So we just like to formalize what might already be obvious to some- what the internet is is a place to potentially reach large audiences in an unreal way except in a way that’s potentially realer to who you actually are.

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