So we might try to get further into the Jewish mind if you wouldn’t mind?

A prominent question to me is whether they are hiding among the niggers or are they niggers themselves?

It could be that they just use the POC as cover so they can remain invisible.

People make jokes about Italians so I don’t see why their cousins, the Jews’ virtues and vices can be lain on the table as well.

There are various types of Italian and I think only the ones you should be suspicious of would want to hide among the POC.

That’s a guffaw and a half if you ask me.

Still, the curiosity remains whether a noble Jew would, like an octopus, camouflage itself among the POC.

Like I’ve said, I feel like a species of “Jew” myself and don’t have the urge to do that because it feels beneath me. My contention is that only if you are really hiding something would you have the urge to do that.

Let’s return to this idea of “protected race”. If I was a protected race I would feel ashamed of myself. Too sensitive for criticism or something? You’re either a baby or a pussy. Not a man.

So I think this is one of the ways they feel better about themselves, telling themselves they only disguise themselves among the POC. No… you ARE one of the dirtniggers. Perfect type of people to run the economy it sounds like.

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