Just treat this as a stand-up routine I guess.

A black mamba approaches me telling me she loves me and has embraced the 1488 general message.

Honey, do you know how impossible it will be to sort all the brown sugar out?

Your genotype will need to be boiled out fo’ the mos’ part, foo, you git it?

You need to get to a point where you’re capable of freewill at all. For instance, it’s possible for a jew to have blonde hair one day and they simply lack it in the present. Talking in a mafia voice, it’s possible for you to have that. The jews will need their throats slit to get to that point. Ever notice jewish women look like rats who sniff around shit for their meals? Well, I’m not sure you want them around as your leaders, even after they get nose-jobs to hide their souls.

So outside of society’s expectations what would I say to brown women? You can reverse the curse by giving your sons books to read.

Lol daughters.. reading? Dummies like you reading? Just focus on your sons. This is one way of avoiding the karma that is seemingly out of your control.

There’s no reason to make a big show of it. If anything, use the prog standards for your own ends. Little Brad is reading the classics to fight Oppression! Right right.

So what are the real classics you then might ask. The only important ones for now are on the surface, and if someone can understand them well enough then they can use their own freewill to figure out what the real ones are.

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