Another psychological chamber I find interesting to adopt is the Russian. I don’t think Dugin is the type who wants you to feel bad for him about his murdered daughter, and this is one with the Russian way of looking at things. I’m not just making things up, if you survey their literature you’ll find the Russian spirit is pronounced in its ability to withstand hardship and continue on unfazed.

So let’s just get to some realpolitik from a western perspective. Using a nuke as a threat is a good idea, the west will be put on its backfoot from that. Be careful though, because they are overly proud much like Lucifer and they may retaliate.

Let’s try to find some common ground here. Russians and west are white. We have similar Christian values that think nukes represent Satan.

We don’t want to “martyr” the other in a nuclear strike.

My solution is we keep Ukraine as a “neutral zone” between the two powers.

I don’t think this will be easy!

The west can do whatever it wants, and Russia can do whatever it wants.

Just pretend you’re speaking to someone as eminent as Vlad Putin, what would you say?

Your Highness, please make Russia a Monarchy once again.

And of course the west wants to start a nuclear war with someone who wants an old-school monarchy.

Russia won the space-race. They already have a moon colony known as “Putin”.

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