I’ve written about Michel Serres a handful of times now, someone you can expect to give you an out of the ordinary, creative spin on a given subject, and look here, he’s putting together two of those “useless” subjects I mentioned the other night, cosmology and epistemology

This probably jives with most people, as French thought does tend to do. I have to hand it to Serres though, this is an disorienting revaluation of Plato’s solar-centeredness.

It also seems like a more fitting model given the ubiquitous illusion-worship. The soft starlight as the truth people prefer rather than the blinding Sun.

Or a more sympathetic way to look at it- the stars are anons and YHWH is the Sun, and just because the latter is the closest and brightest doesn’t mean the stars aren’t their own kind of light.

“I’d DIE without the Sun!” The jews do offer the service of maintaining well-being for many people. Even if that scene does look like a Bosch and Bacon painting rolled into one.

Unrelated but here is a depiction of Saturn’s moons’ orbits

That don’t look like the Sun you’re orbiting, pal.

Trust me, I’ve seen Saturn up-close

That doesn’t look like the Sun, by god that looks like a great ball of noxious fumes!

STEP ONE- do a misogyny


I’m not a misogynist anyway, all day I think about women, so stop fake-crying about how you have no power. I’m an aspiring adult breastfeeder who wants his face sat on until suffocation. Throw on a movie, get cozy on your seat, and by the time it’s over it will be time to call the morgue to haul my corpse away.

I’m just delirious at this point

Look at these dumpy, demented moons of Saturn’s

I don’t think Saturn maintains my well-being. Only the animals matter in Saturn’s kingdom, and something seems off about that.

Everyday I face the impossible task of trying to make inexorably boring subjects somewhat interesting, and cosmology is more of a challenge than most. I don’t want people like Sagan and Tyson to ruin it.

I’m still floored by this, I think this is true (at least so far)

If you want to ponder cosmology in an engaging way I’d suggest you play that.

Just pretend this doesn’t exist you degenerate

I think this is my subconscious yearning for someone who isn’t a demented Saturn moon

Feeling like you walked into the wrong room?

CRISPR is just an injection away, ladies. Just kidding. Yeah right, you know I’m not kidding. You didn’t know what you were getting yourself into when you ran into me.

Who really cares about women enough to talk to them like this? Nobody? The whistling wind?

I’m the direct opposite of the left so what do you expect, it seems natural to eroticize aliens (of the non-mud variety). In a world not run by jewish niggers as many people would be clamoring for this as they are for equality today. I think this is probably a dormant instinct present within a substantial percentage of Europeople, which is suppressed. It’s just the basic idea of wanting your kids to have a better life than you did, except pushed into overdrive. These sorts of thoughts are more tangible now that genetic engineering technology has proven to be so real, as we see in so many successful experiments made on animals.

Modern feminism and anti-racism movements are selling you a lie, so I don’t know what to tell you. There’s an alternative to them that could give you real results.

Let’s forget the science side of it and think in terms of thought-experiments for now. I’m not buying a body-pillow okay? White women are just so often golems that I like to imagine one that’s really alien and hides in a suit. The one on that body-pillow though, Tali, her world was conquered some centuries before the game is set, and her race lives on a space fleet consisting of 50,000 ships. I think the “quarians” were supposed to allude to the gypsies. They have to wear suits because their immune systems are so weak from being confined to sterile environments for centuries. Playing a game like this just gives you food for thought. It’s not the same as watching a movie. A quarian girl can take off her suit if she takes immuno-boosters. How does a nazi these days get a “quarian”, what’s the equivalent, chloroform? That’s one of the main reasons I talk about a moon base or a seastead, because I like to imagine somewhere being able to have love with my political views.

It’s not like ZOG allows for something like this

Even if the quarians are gypsies, at least they’re space-faring. I find that attractive in a species. I don’t think golemwomen are built to reach the space-faring stage. That’s part of why I suggest we rebuild them.

Don’t you like to imagine something like this out there

No thanks, I don’t want to kiss a jew. That’s your only option here.

Heh isn’t this sad to read?

You can play as a woman in this game too, and there’s a birdlike alien named Garrus of the turian species, if you want to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Alas, why would a golemwoman be interested in such a thing?

They remastered this trilogy last year, I’ll probably play that sooner rather than later.

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