I know, right

I’m not suggesting that any of this is true or false, per se. I’m publicly agnostic about it (though I enjoy entertaining various theories privately).

I’m back at the subject of magical rituals inducing experiences of UFO phenomena. Publicly agnostic about it, obviously I am.

It’s almost like certain actions which have a sacred intention can attune your consciousness to another plane of reality or something? Crazy idea!

The flying saucer is just the appearance they take for non-Platonists. There’s a Form behind the flying saucer. I’m so glad to be publicly agnostic about all this.

It’s almost like Sabbatai Zevi cut our overlords off from understanding these things. No, that couldn’t be, they’re immaculate, much like Jesus.

Right right

Worldwide basis is an exaggeration, it’s only a handful of countries. You need the right conditions to produce people with this awareness, and countries with those are few and far between. I’m not sure if in all of China there’s even one person for instance. Russia in contrast radiates with “psychical energy”, relatively speaking. It’s easy to see that their Orthodoxy led them to this. Now it’s a question of using the Greeks and Germans to create an even purer Orthodoxy.

I’ve written about Kenneth Grant quite a few times now, warning you of how crazy he can sound. Just trust he’s usually a Platonist speaking figuratively when he talks about things like creating airport runways for UFOs. Those people on the runway that wave the planes in? They’re technically known as waving “illuminated marshaling wands”.

I don’t know if I have to rehash the fact that I’m a snob about the logos, and this stuff I’m not allergic to

Barker, Gray. Founder of Saucerian Publications and author of the first book on the “Three Men in Black” called They Knew Too Much about the Flying Saucers.

“WUT, I thought that was just like a movie or something?”

I repeat- the phenomena in question is not tangible in the five-senses way of knowing things. The UFO idea itself is a product of minds that couldn’t adequately abstract.

The deep state does not want the daemons interfering in earthly politics. It doesn’t take a paranoid explanation, earthly politics as they are puts food on idiot feds’ tables, that’s it. Anyone with a foot in both planes is not going to be given the supposedly cherished “human rights” of others. That makes sense, because we’re NOT human. I probably look at you like a raw rotisserie chicken that still has a heartbeat. Can’t have any of that now.

This all probably just sounds like a cloud of potsmoke to most people anyway, and that’s fine. In my humble, publicly agnostic opinion, such “airport runways” can be made. That’s what this whole site is about, really. One person alone can only create a cobblestone one unfortunately, and that’s not so bad I think given the conditions we have to deal with here.

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