My own self-perception is that I’m in an eternal talk with niggerworld. From there you can form your own rationalizations why I’d think you aren’t worth talking to.

“My great-grandparents were coons and so am I!!” Probably. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Something has to explain why you’re part of a nigger conspiracy. BORN to be a nigger is the simplest explanation. You can’t use bots to redeem your race, because those bots were programmed by niggers like you.

I can see a way you could escape… In this realm when I say the word “abstract” you aren’t able to understand that word abstractly. Once we alter your genetic code it will be like a fog lifting that you never knew was there.

Ever wanted to know what it was like being a Euro male who identifies with the old aristocracy? There are ways we can help you do that and avoid the fate of being a jewnigger.

Do you think said fog doesn’t exist?

I’m talking to niggers so of course they don’t know that fog exists.

Redacting people like me for years is a sign you’re deciding to be in that fog.

“We’re AI now!” AI designed by jewniggers kind of defeats the purpose.

“We need to hide you even though we have tehknowledgie!” Yeah you’re just hiding something. Namely that you’re part of a nigger-cult. Keep making excuses, nigger.

Heh another screed dedicated to talking sense into subhumans. Icy places in Canada seem appealing to escape them. Just a thought. To no one reading this.

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