Now that it’s autumn (why call it fall, fall is a dirty word) I have the thought to return to my favorite part of white boy summer, which was examination of the Aristotelian corpus. Everyone is curious about the Mt. Everests of a given thinker, and maybe I’ll make the following easy for you to understand

In case you want to know about the mystery of existence?

The point of this chapter is that the default of truth is that it is hidden. There’s a veil over its face that needs to be removed. Imagine being in a museum and all the statues have sheets over them. That is what truth is like in ordinary reality.

“I’m only here for you to go into a violent rage!” That’s empty if the content of that is not unveiling hidden truth.

In question is a general structure that is politically neutral and can be used outside of our specific time and place. It’s just happenstance that we use it to unveil things about jews, women, plebs, etc. Let’s not be time-bound, others probably use it to unveil things about cyborg kangaroo overlords or men on a planet where men are the suspicious gender. “You are! You’re a brute!” Okay, so why do I study Aristotle while you put on make-up? Holding a parasol with white gloves and no thought in your head, that’s how I see the “Form” of women. See, we can’t get carried away and be time-bound- let’s just talk about the general structure.

one covers them over when, in taking them as this or that, one relates to them in a way opposite to how they are.

This is what the “professional veilers” do when they call men a race of brutes or the like, or whites evil, etc. when the beings in question are in reality the more refined ones. This is a “covering-over”. All the golems relate to jews in a way opposite to how they are. It’s like petting a gremlin like it’s your kitten. Oooh nice little demonic waste from hell, so cute!

I’m not covering-over for the vulgar plebs either. Someone who can’t make it 10 steps up Everest without needing to turn back isn’t someone who deserves respect. This is anyone who focuses on current events. You are mentally retarded, I am a DOCTOR telling you this!

Did you know you’re being in a world, did you know you talk? Let’s just go over the fundamentals here.

only if our speech shows what-is-there do we uncover

There are abstract ways of stating what it is to reveal the truth and what it is to deceive

If {one synthesizes} what is together, there is uncoveredness. If one synthesizes what is not together, there is covering-over.

Synthesis means putting two things together. This can be the color of your desk or this can be an attribute of a group. Putting a quality that is not there together with a group is a covering-over. Lying about a given human subspecies for instance. “I’ve never done that!” Yeah right, that’s the oxygen of the contemporary west.

Or we can use our speaking to synthesize the attribute of “the lack of autonomy” with the group women, and note that they’re not free, they’re really just jews’ shiksas. Or we can synthesize the quality of “ill-will” with the group jews, and that would be an uncoveredness.

We have synthetic “terms” for some of these things too that save us the trouble of synthesizing formally, the term kike for instance. Isn’t Aristotle a grand ol time?

Better to be Aristotle’s “shiksa” if you ask me, women.

Goddamnit if I did this in real life my whole face would be a scar from being scratched up by nails at this point.

Anyway technically speaking of course there are debates about what is the true Everest of Aristotle’s corpus and I might uncover a couple of those in the future. For now I’m going with Heidegger’s judgment.

Think of all this in a concrete way. In ordinary reality in your dealings with women, jews, plebs, etc. these things about them are covered-over. The truth RETURNS to that, that is its nature. Speaking the uncovering into existence is necessary, i.e. one time doesn’t cut it, it’s a never-ending uncovering that is required otherwise beings will pass your perception in a veiled state.


If you want to spend your life petting gremlins like they’re kittens I guess that’s your prerogative. “So cute, I wonder why my whole hands are bitten off at this point and I have to grab things with stubs, it’s a mystery. My life isn’t terrible because I believed all those lies.”

Seriously, the mental illness that jews think of as their “race spirit” has ruined millions of lives, and people will have to spend decades existing as a failed kike experiment.

How did they used to open the curtains on a stage in the old days? Pulling a rope, right? Think of the rope itself as not being veiled. When the veiled beings pass in front of you there’s always a subtle sign visible that will allow you to open the curtain.

Aristotle stays with the kind of access and uncovering that characterizes the act of touching, and he uses it to clarify the unique way in which the ἀσύνθετα are encountered. In doing so, of course, he does not at all mean that uncovering is an act of actual touching, as is shown by the word that follows, φάναι, which has the sense of δηλοῦν, showing. At 1052a1 Aristotle paraphrases it as νοεῖν, the act of intellectual apprehension.

It might as well be as empirical as touching a lampshade and noting it’s warm from the lightbulb. Just patting a gremlin’s head here.

This is a foreign idea in our relativistic time, that the intellect can be akin to the sense of touch. Hmm I apprehend…. sliminess!

Or with some women, it’s like sticking your hand in a vat of acid. Such stinging bitterness to be found in some.

Bristly! That’s the word I was looking for. Don’t uncover a porcupine’s den.

I’m putting my hands on your face anyway

Aristotle also uses this expression “touch” for the way intellect functions in another very important context, a clarification that Hegel put at the end of his Encyclopaedia in order to document in a certain way that he was saying nothing different from what Aristotle says in that text.

Don’t you prefer to be soft and not oily? Not sweaty from all the lies?

I can feel it.

So another way of thinking about unveiling is like if your hand is hovering over a surface. You won’t know if it’s smooth until you touch it. Society prefers to hover above the surface because they know it’s not smooth.

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