We can go on my version of an “adventure” if you’d like

Grab a mathematician by the collar and demand he tells you what’s the highest math there is.

As much as I despise this reality I love to learn about it too.

Most people have memories from high school of calculus being the highest. Okay, how about after high school now? Let’s say the PhD level- what is it?

Let’s at least approach a fuzzy logos of what it is.

“What political implications will this have though?” I don’t care! I’m curious about knowing the logos of things, and that just happens to cause trouble sometimes.

We’re just here to learn about the world in general

One way the complexity of math is determined is through its real-world applicability. Engineers for instance need to know math to do what they do. I’m also interested, however, in math that doesn’t have much applicability per se. What is the toughest class you could take? That’s my curiosity.

They’ll say you need many prerequisites, because math is based on foundations.

So there’s no cheating to climb this Everest. Nonetheless we will at least look at a picture of the peak.

This is an exciting concept to think about

mathematical inventions can take centuries to become not just practical, but essential

Obviously I relate to this phenomenon, and suspect that certain ideas in math are just as impossible to explain to the public.

This seems relatable too, now that you mention it

It’s God’s Plan to be chaotic. “Really? I don’t see God’s Plan anywhere here.”

That’s the only way we can be separate from God, if there is an element of chaos. We chose that. The Hindus are right about this. We, AS GOD OURSELVES, decided to be separate. The chaos is the point. We wanted that.

Oh what’s that, you can read English about math? Okay, that means there’s also the opposite of chaos too.

Neoplatonists will love this image

It’s more like an upside-down pyramid where the heaviest, diamond-like substance is condensed in the point, leading to the other, broader fields.

Imagine where my enemy the poets are in this…

You think you’re mathematical? I’ll have to raise a question about that one.

Another look at these dumpy moons

Let’s stick with the subject at hand though. Because the subject obviously isn’t about how malformed you are, duh.

What do snowflakes look like in Chernobyl? They say Chabad caused that disaster by the way.

Does anyone pick up on the comedy here? That itself has its own math to it that not many understand.

Disgusting circus-freaks can’t be expected to understand anything of value, really.

Anyway, I suspect that in the “math world” there are freespirits that are going to be difficult to find. Alien futures that they can understand… This might alienate them from the community of mathematicians.

“The poets are your frenemy, didn’t you know?” They probably DO feel guilt for a perceived lack of mathematicity. It’s people with my techne that try to bring them closer to that in ways mathematicians don’t have the techne for.

“We’ll bring YOU closer to poetry INSTEAD!” Don’t count on it. It’s a weak eros that doesn’t strive toward mathematicity. You don’t really Care about people and the world if you remain in poetry. Your heart needs to beat toward something more objective. Otherwise your beauty will always be a type of ugliness, waiting to be unveiled by people of my techne.

Ha, there is a pity I feel also toward the mathematicians. Such a specialist. You don’t know, do you? There’s a specialist OF the specialists, and I don’t think it’s very mathematical to neglect that understanding.

“Those are the jews! THEY know that!” You mean the people who represent the civilization directly opposite to philosophy? Wonder why you’re a dumpy-looking moon.

This will stand as an unresolved case for now- the highest math.

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