I doubt you want to trust my judgment at this point. There are levels that qualify someone as a human being. And these can be intuited.

If I had a jewess in a BDSM chamber the first thing I’d ask her is if she thought everyone should pay for her personal trouble.

That idea is erotic though, and breeding with jews is a dead-end (hence Land’s disappearance).

I talk to a jewess like it’s a second-world savage. You can’t redeem the holocaust can you? It will make you cry if you think too much about that.

“No, I’ll prove I’m superior to you, GOY!” So do that then. I’ve never seen it.

What I want from you is to bend over and.. never mind.

God doesn’t think highly of us when we’re merely animal beings.

“I WANT A NAZI TO RAPE ME!” While that might be true, things pertaining to sex are not regarded as higher than thinking by God.

YHWH is an image, there’s something more fundamental than YHWH.

“Still, if you raped me I wouldn’t be upset.”

That’s fine if you want to tell me about the jewish woman’s psychology. There are still more sophisticated problems to focus on.

That’s true that a jewish woman will identify as a third-worlder when a Nazi starts speaking.

“I’M the master-race!” And they will also feel this other urge.

Using your Jewish intellect for Aryan causes might be the “goldilocks zone” for a jewess.

The idea of a seed wiggling its way into your egg is a disaster level thought though.

Speaking as a cladistic Christian who is beyond Christians, the jews need to find ways to reform themselves. Your women are unmarriable, your men pay people with bribes and blackmail to respect them. Need I say more?

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