How could they do my boy like this, he’s not a villain

Are you not supposed to talk to people like this?

Was it you, you scroungy little fuck, huh?!
You little piece of shit! You look like a fucking worm! I’ll bet it was you!

Why does all this never stop making me laugh?

You need to hear the tempo of HOW he says it all though

Hopefully the Russians have types like him.

This actor, R. Lee Ermey, was only nominated for a Golden Globe, do you believe that? He should’ve yelled at the people who decide those awards in the way he does in the film.

Ermey was an actual drill instructor over 20 years before acting as one in this. That’s part of why it seems so authentic. Do they even allow types like him in the US military anymore?

Look at this, how do people say anything negative about him? Spewed?

That’s what I was thinking, I’d hate to be the actors, because that one guy really did look like a fucking worm. It was all real.

What’s your name, fat-body?

Huh, interesting- the film is based on a novel written by “Joker”. Remember him? Trolling Hartman, and Hartman eventually says Hell I like you, you can come to my house and fuck my sister, before swatting him in the kidney.

How do you think you’re going to forge a Marine?

This is a good sign then

During the 10 years I served in the Corps, it was a rare occasion to find a Marine who didn’t love the film.

Too bad it had the indirect effect of romanticizing fighting wars for jewish niggers.

I think I might’ve been in the military right now if it weren’t for that detail.


The book is better. Okay, yes, this is an opinion, but hear me out…The film is brilliant, yes, but Kubrick — beholden to studio execs at Warner Bros. — had to cater to mainstream sensibilities, which is why the brutally macabre third and final section of the novel never made it to the screen.

Feminist moms probably won’t want their sons to see either of them, the cunts.

The author wrote a sequel to that novel too. LORE!

I forgot this one

It’s sad they won’t even make a movie like this anymore.

Private Joker was drafted, he didn’t enlist- that makes it make more sense. His ironic detachment is akin to the hippie attitude. Hartman should’ve just ousted him. Now our military is packed with women, how humiliating on the world-stage.

Of Kubrick’s films though I think Hartman is the most memorable out of all these characters

I think it has something to do with living in a gynocracy where types like him don’t really exist. I mean, you could say something similar about the psychopath in A Clockwork Orange, but it isn’t as verbally articulated in that as it is in Full Metal Jacket.

We need this in real-life

Hartman succinctly outlines the “growth” that occurs–young men are broken down and recast as killers — “born again hard”. Hartman, presiding over this venerable ritual, knows exactly what he’s doing, and all of his actions have an air of tradition about them.

Too many are weak fat bodies like Private Pyle and want to kill geburah instead. Pyle deserved everything he got!

I know, right???

in an Aristotelian sense — Full Metal Jacket may be the finest example of modern tragedy put to film

I google “most tragic films” and of course see Schindler’s List in the first results. Save it dude…. You’re thinking of “most comic films” there, bud.

See, what a joke these lists are

I’m not going to be crying about something the jewish niggers deserved!

Hmm nope

In ZOG no one knows how to judge art CORRECTLY. Yeah she’s precious alright.

This really does say a lot about society though

That’s not a real tragedy, the gulags are more of a tragedy, and zero films have been made about those.

Hmm maybe there IS something like this going on in Full Metal Jacket

Comparing the film with Hasford’s novel, she argues that “the film shuts down the novel’s ambiguity and reinstates a clarified rejection of the feminine and restitution of the masculine.” Referring to the killing of the sniper, Jeffords reads the film as a battle between a “purified masculine” and a “castrated feminine”, which is finally silenced.

Women have testicles? Not last time I checked inside some purdy pink panties.

Hartman didn’t need to die, his behavior is how you prepare people for killing commies.

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