Learned that I might be eligible for dual-citizenship in Italy. My great-grandfather wasn’t naturalized as a US citizen until 1950 so my (distant) generation is surprisingly able to “return” there. I’m pretty wonderbread in certain ways so I don’t know if they’d even accept me. If you’ve spent time on the spaghettinet you may have noticed they seem to have more freedoms there, despite still being occupied by the US military.

I think Jews would be better off if they moved to Israel, and I feel similarly about myself and Italy in a way. If Iran won’t take me then what am I going to do?

The culture-shock of it, that’s what I wonder about first thing. There’s a reason so many Italians left there. It might’ve been a mistake.

Just striving to think in a politically neutral way about the History of Religions, the prots and the jews both seem nuts to me, and Catholicism seems like the goldilock’s zone. Because as liberal as jews seem to be on the surface, they’re really the ultra-conservatives of anyone in the monotheistic tradition, and the Catholics are liberal compared to them. If you get too liberal then you find yourself as a prot. Realpolitikically speaking the sweet spot seems to be a debate between Catholics and Orthodox, and in Italy it’s more lax about criticizing the arguable Satan of the world, the jews, so I have to go with the Catholics in that debate.

I find myself naturally scrolling through a Pound book after learning about the dual-citizenship prospect. An American who spent most of his life there. I’ll probably never stop being an American.

If you’re worldly and want to ride the gravy train you probably want to stay in the US (this explains why jews stay here). For me, I just want to live a life of dignity.

I see jews as desert people who never grew, and prots as ice people who grew too much. And Italians have their own problems, between them, no doubt.

“How can you grow too much? That’s a tautological error!” It’s just the optimism of expecting brahminism to be universalized. It doesn’t work for the plebs. Excuse my french, stupid niggers shouldn’t have freedom. Since prots have been stupid enough to make their error I count them among those who shouldn’t have freedom.

“This is popery!” Potpourri, what’s that? What you burn during a ritual that you don’t have the attention-span to sit through?

Anyway you probably find this refreshing compared to my apologetics regarding Islam. Islam I’d say is something like a cross between Judaism and Catholicism.

Isn’t it so ironic that these liberals hate Catholicism and yet are perfectly fine with the even-more-strict Judaism?

“I’m just ME, I’m not a jews’ slave!” Keep telling yourself that, you 100% nigger.

Ah the thought of an institutional career where the demiurge can be lambasted. That’s somewhat possible in Italy.

The prots’ disposition toward immanentism makes them vulnerable to being co-opted by people like the jews who still have a strong sense of the order of rank. This explains why so many anglos, irish, and french are jews’ slaves. NIGGER!

What better way to describe a minion of the demiurge? Worthless pigfeed that wears clothes.

So I will be looking into this, and whether I bother to share my findings with my anglophone readers is another story. Seriamente, non ha senso parlare in inglese.

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