It’s amusing that Evola had some Italian critics that accused him of being too Germanic. This is a complex problem I might get to another time. For now I just want to dispense with the gossip side of things and focus on how an aristocrat’s gears turn.

If “God” isn’t part of your thinking you’re already lost. God is the ultimate aristocrat. If you level him in any way you’re just another one of the leftists.

The secret sense of Evola is that he’s an ultra-Catholic, not an anti-Catholic.

Priests don’t talk in the same language of the church, amongst each other.

Let’s use another way of speaking of this that’s easier for most people, the highest being. The highest being is the starting point for any future aristocracy.

“You don’t know what that is! You’re like any other person and you have to wear deodorant because you’re part animal!” True as that might be, I’m humble enough to concede that without your help, and I still think I know a few of the features of the highest being.

For one, your aspiration to close the distance between humanity and it is not going to happen.

Priest-types can only do this about 10%, and pleb-types can do it .1%. Better to start being a modest person. Otherwise you’ll end up cursed like the jews who tried to cheat this process. The jews have 100% confidence because they 100% identify with the demiurge. That is to say, they don’t even have the priests who get it 10% (except for rare types like Hodos etc.)

What else about the highest being?

Our greatest idea of the posthuman is only a simulacrum about it. All the theories you’ve seen about the posthuman here are only vaguely approaching what it is. That “human of the future” is only the in-between-point between us and the divine.

“What else about it, does it promise me nice things?” It might promise your grandchildren nice things if you are pious. For “you”, I doubt it. For “you” I expect the ravages of the materialist, demiurgic world. Even if you’re pious…

“Why can’t I ask my own questions, why do I identify with quoted questions you personally create to describe my personality?” Good question, I also wonder why I’ve been redacted thousands of days in a row by my readers, consciously and deliberately. Sometimes we don’t get answers in life.

The best advice I have in ZOG is to look at the Sun, and realize the truth is something even brighter and more blinding. The Sun is a symbol to hide the truth. You’re kept so far away from the other stars in the multiverse aren’t you?

“And as a good jewish slave, I’ll keep it that way.”

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