Who cares what anyone thinks, I only care to say what my heart thinks.

I think women tend to live in the dark about the fact that after they turn around 21… well, have I introduced you to Grug, the caveman that lives in our brains? So hopefully you cultivated some beauty outside of physical appearance before you reached that age. Someone who truly loves you. Someone who won’t cheat on you.

If you’re a hooker-type you won’t get that. So hookers only get the longevity of 21, and after that they are doomed for the next decades, and apt to hate people who make this known about them.

That’s nice. Did you ever wonder about the women who are older than 21 that are somehow still hot?

Does one want to make a “granny porn” vid with me by the way?

I’m just kidding. If you have beauty beyond the physical you aren’t seen as a granny at that age. Do women even understand that?

“I’m wrinkly and a nefarious witch, what are you talking about?” Maybe YOU are. How about the type of woman that ages and is still hot?

Not many of those, hence the ressentiment.

“You’re a pedophile to even say these things.” My experience of having sex with virgins is actually that it’s awkward. Younger women are cute, there’s just something off.

“You’re just trying to flatter the MATURE LADY TO EAT YOUR CUM” … and what if I am? True love doesn’t necessitate any fetishes anyway. A mature lady would just accept my sperm to pair with her egg.


I think I’d prefer true love.

Maybe that’s impossible or whatever, that’s just what I’d prefer.

“Why don’t you tell me what is ideal now, nazi electric chair target”‘

Well her name is [censored], so would you prefer adjectives rather than the actual example, kike slave?

Her eyes I’d have to hide, her hair I’d have to hide, her nose and chin I’d have to hide.

Jews: “Nooo he’s confessing!”

She has the most beautiful voice on the planet. Her name is {blank}

Philosophy (truth) magnetizes toward… use your imagination.

“We don’t like you talking about this, because it makes our jewesses look like niggers.”

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