Eloquently put

We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it.

There’s a fallenness in the urban jungle that is absent in the forest.

The ideal I think is to have the serenity of the forest while you’re in society. If everyone was like that we wouldn’t need to go to the forest.

I’m reading a professional survivalist right now, and maybe the following isn’t so obvious to some

A belt knife is the most important tool any woodsman can own… With this item, you can recreate all other items you need, should an emergency arise.

The knife is the original “3D printer”.

With one of those you don’t even need to bring a tent, per se. You can cut your own tent out of nature.

This is one thing the boomers undoubtedly have on us younger generations- working with their hands. That’s foreign to those who are always on their phone, eating hot chip, etc. Call it archaic, I think it’s a techne that should be envied. If I was lost in the woods I’d prefer a boomer was with me over a millennial.

Then again, boomers are the ones who didn’t pass the knowledge down. That’s because they’re hippies who don’t understand their responsibility to people other than themselves. And the millennials picked that up from them, and are about 10x worse. So the latter’s children will be living a curse. “I have no responsibility to future generations, the world is all about ME.” Cads and hoes, walk em all into an active volcano.

If you’re “desperado” you also can use any old stone you find by a stream, say, like limestone, though that will be less effective than the kind mentioned above. Understand, SON? Just kidding.

Wouldn’t you rather have a pine branch for a roof than be part of their little charade?

Post-WW2 is niggers dancing on the grave of humans.

Not a soul has ever seen a completely talentless jew in a high-profile position and thought “Hmm I think they’re there because they have the word berg in their last name.” Even most of the actually talented intellectuals among them are half-gypsy in temperament, at best. So I like the forest, where I don’t have to see any of that.

Doesn’t seeing these bring out something wild in you?

The tomahawk was popular among early Americans, not just the injuns. It’s a proto multi-tool. You can remove the head for tasks requiring more precision.

I don’t know what to tell you, if a woman pretends suffrage was 100% a good thing and never admits any of its flaws, that’s a nigger. Better to experience a forest than one of those. Make another excuse, nigger. Just keep making society worse for the rest of us and denying that’s what you do. Mask off- isn’t it a delight to see?

This isn’t the worst set-up

A place you don’t have to deal with the circus freaks.

Door design

Insulation is pretty simple

“Shingles” ha.

The basswood tree can be used to make some of the best rope

You can also eat the leaves. Think of it like lettuce. You can also eat the inner bark. These are all over the eastern US. You can also eat maple leaves and make pine needle tea. Some people deep-fry maple leaves. Doing that in the wilderness is tricky.

I know this makes your inner Grug smile

flat rocks free of moisture can make a great grill top. Depending on the thickness of the stone slab, you can cook anything from eggs to steak on stone.

Yesterday on that yuppie site I saw a tent with a built-in fan at the top. No, how about a built-in smokehole.

I boiled a chicken for the first time the other day, it goes a long way

Society is too flawless to think about any of this, right?

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