My, Our, A. Typical.

It always seems like a trend. Ephemeral tips that will change next year. IS there an objective nutrition?

I sense that even if there were a “fascist” answer to that question, people would tend to fall in line. It’s because of that fleetingness and trendiness about nutrition “science” that they don’t care to eat healthy. If there were an actual science I think they would.

If our political reality is so corrupt, I expect ideas about nutrition to be just as corrupt.

I think our cultural ethos is to associate books on nutrition with self-help books, i.e. “made up”- quackery.

Grug use rock grill. Grug cook steak and eggs on rock over fire.

Seriously, this is a common “trope”, to go back to the roots of nutrition. People take it as an intuitional given.

Leave it to “human country”

Nutrition as a biological science was developed by Justus von Liebig at the University of Giessen, Germany in the mid-nineteenth century.

He was a chemist. Doctors promoted “rational diets” in his name.

Powerhouse here

In later years, out of the 60 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, 44 were scientific heirs of Liebig.

This of course doesn’t mean he was right about nutrition. The Table of Elements for instance was only created a few years before he died.

We’re doing that thing where we look at the beginning of something as if for the first time. The following seems rather reasonable

Not to sound gross but if you think about it, why do we even need to poop at all? Shouldn’t we ideally convert 100% of what we intake?

Even if he was wrong about certain things this is something worth honoring

he moved chemistry into the socio-political marketplace, demonstrating chemistry’s significance for society in food production, nutrition and public health

Will the quantum vibrators respond by saying there’s uncertainty in this?

Obviously I think there’s a personal element to this subject. I feel bad for the poor anorexic women out there who can’t, like me, devour a double cheeseburger with bacon on it and a side of fries dipped in mayo then eat cake and ice cream for dessert, without gaining an ounce. I’m just messing with them- eat normal, honey! When people see a stick-figure they don’t find it attractive anyway, they see it as a sign of a lack of self-esteem and the tendency to put your worth in the eyes of others. In other words, we all have an idea of “eating normal”. Our intuition is probably sound in many regards.

Anyway let’s move into the future here- new fields emerging noises

This kind of seems like a no-brainer

While the most popular food around the world is Italian that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for people. You can eat something for five generations and it doesn’t mean it’s good for you- peoples can get into habits. It could just mean they’re poor and that’s the best food they can afford. And it’s not like wealthy people are immune to the status quo sense that “nutrition is pseudoscience”.

I think this is one of the more scientific questions to ask

Chinese people be like- “My DNA screams for bat!”

Jokes aside, there are genetic mutations known for contributing to both high and low iron levels for instance. High iron can cause heart failure so if you have that mutation it would be good to know so you’d resolve to avoid eating too much food that’s high in iron.

It gets pretty thorough

A snacker against your will! You’re such a puppet eater, I can’t believe it.

Speaking of this, and going back to yesterday, did you ever notice how Asian women seem to age really well? Better jump on that if you’re insecure about how you’re aging. OR just continue in genetics-denialism.

This one’s just mean

IS there a way to avoid that?

There is for this one

I never talk about nutrition because I’m more interested in genetic risks as they relate to psychology. If you’re x, y, or z you have a higher risk for bioleninism, mammonism, satanism, etc.

I think it was that maverick George Church who first clued me in about nutrigenetics though. That it decreases chances of disease by some percent I forgot and reduces annual costs of diseases by a trillion dollars.

Heh look at this

There’s absolutely nothing that will save a jewess from bioleninism, mammonism, satanism, etc. Just kidding, I doubt that’s part of his app.

Risky matches like two Irish people together? I’m kidding!

We all carry our cross, okay?

Maybe there’s a way to make the next generation better…

“If they are attractive and healthy enough to go on a date, it doesn’t matter.”

Doesn’t it? Wasn’t the idea to avoid sick kids?

“I’m not sick, I’m not sick!” Really? I have some test results for you.

Enough of this for now

Just to conclude, “eating normal” can be made more precise.

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