Only a few subjects really touch me closely, and the rest I kind of just flutter over. I try to attain at least a familiarity with as many sciences as I can.

The average human body consists of 37 trillion cells, and the average cell consists of 100 trillion atoms. All those things work together to orchestrate this experience of being alive.

Isn’t this a mystery?

When these molecules are isolated and examined individually, they conform to all the physical and chemical laws that describe the behavior of inanimate matter

One begins to think panpsychic thoughts when confronted with this information. Maybe there’s something conscious about atoms?

“Or it’s all fake, and love is chemicals in your brain!” Why would we have ideals then? The love for the ideal is real. And that itself makes love real. “You’re just telling yourself that, shut up.”

These atom-orchestras are wizards or something

Systems for extracting, transforming, and using energy from the environment

Man, brushing up on these various subjects the last few months has been making me feel like a dirtbag for not paying attention in some of the classes when I was young. A discipline isn’t complete in itself- it needs the person to bring themselves to it. Most of the main disciplines should provoke a childlike wonder. If they don’t, that’s you, not them, that’s at fault.

Makes me think that kids should have a class that teaches them how to be a good student in school. At least in my experience I didn’t learn how to learn and that seems to have been by design. I don’t know if teachers were just unaware that kids need to learn how to learn first?

Speaking of atom-orchestras, jews creating a dud planet must be like a nails on a chalkboard version of an orchestra. Their every cell is a conspirator. Those pajamas should’ve been their final outfit.

So if we eat the wrong sugar and the wrong protein we’ll have the wrong cells?

The dumpy moons of Saturn must have the wrong cells, it must go to the cellular level in some way (I’d have to speculate).

However you want to explain consciousness, there seem to be elemental correlates

So again, I’d have to speculate that decadence is a misbalance of these elements.

Don’t worry, we’ll have a biochemist any day now being given a research grant to figure this out.

I like to think that there’s a possible cure in a pill or supplement form for the Sabbatean nihilists.

Nah, Spengler is probably right that entire subspecies mimic the life-death cycle of independent organisms. So what we see today is just the expression of “old age” of the subspecies. Is there a supplement that’s going to prevent a codger from dropping off? Well we try to theorize about that, and we theorize how to prevent the subspecies from dropping off too.

I’ve been drawing from a double-paneled, 1,300 page textbook so this is only the slightest of glances. It’s a subject that merits further study.

One goal of biochemistry is to understand, in quantitative and chemical terms, the means by which energy is extracted, channeled, and consumed in living cells. We can consider cellular energy conversions—like all other energy conversions—in the context of the laws of thermodynamics.

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