That professional survivalist from earlier has a handful of books. I intuit people might want to know about the one he thinks of as “advanced”. This is the kind of thing they should’ve taught in high school rather than woodshop or 10+ semesters of P.E. in my opinion.

We’re following the dialectic here- exoplanet–> moon –> antarctica –> our very own surrounding wilderness. Don’t even know how to sharpen a knife and you want to travel to an exoplanet? So we should start small and contemplate “the impossible” that is closest to us.

What skill does a millennial have? Googling? We’re going to die in misery tonight- quick, google how to prevent that. Oh, the internet isn’t working, I guess we die in misery then.

Something like this just seems an experience everyone should have without society being involved

“We don’t have to worry about that anymore, and we can focus on higher-order things.” Who actually does that? Most words spoken in the west are at the level of gossip. You’re not doing higher-order SHIT, it was all a waste to leave the wilderness for most people.

After spending so much time in the stratosphere I guess I’m interested in these lower-order things because of the “impossibility” factor.

This guy went the whole nine yards on this path, he has a chapter on blacksmithing too. The long-stay in the wilderness. I don’t know dude, how many years before we build a library out there? This genre helps you appreciate what we’ve accomplished in society more. From stick shelters to brick buildings- that’s a start.

I know for a fact (because I’m psychic) that there are people just as cynical as me out there, even if they don’t let on they are in public. So this should interest you, because it’s about establishing life in the wilderness permanently, and it intends to be scientific.

This is true- the best places to go on this cursed earth have no roads to them

You can only carry so much on your back—especially if you plan to hike or walk for a long distance. Since you cannot bring a truckload of supplies with you, you need to understand the limitations of your kit and how to maximize the environment and its resources to overcome these limitations.

“What if we airdropped them?” Well you have my number.

He talks about trapping too. Don’t have to go to the grocery store, don’t have to be part of this economy- sounds pretty nice.

Maybe it’s just me, survivalism in fiction and media was always one of my favorites throughout my life, for some unexplainable reason.

How to be a society unto yourself.

If you try that outside of the wilderness they’ll be using methods to make you die, sincerely. They see you as like a virus that needs to be stamped out. That’s kind of embarrassing for them given that I tend to draw on the highest points of their very civilization. Odd.


Recognizing animals and their behavioral patterns is what will help you outthink them when you’re hunting.

And you thought we ever left the wilderness.

They say Swedenborg could fraternize with the angels at whim

This survivalist Dave Canterbury draws on early American frontiersmen, and that’s one of the charms of his books

We seek the forest for adventure and a free, open-air hunter’s life, for a time at least.

Suppose the forest is already in society? It only takes noticing.

You tinfoils can take the nord/alien stuff however you want, I’m just joking around.

Here are the ten essentials of survival in the wilderness according to this author

If the planet is too far gone this is something you might be thinking about. You can’t live in their false reality with them. They will use the suveillance state to make sure you die in a ditch and have no connections. Just my way of instructing “junior” on how to sharpen a knife in this wilderness. They’re permanent niggers who will be using Atlantean (white) technology against you.

And in that scenario it’s ironic to think toward the wilderness, the ice, the off-world. Places where civilization hasn’t collapsed into itself and we could possibly start anew.

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