Kind of weird how you’re perceived here out in the wilderness. What if there was one girl who I wanted to tell I ALWAYS loved you and I ALWAYS will

Makes you think there aren’t traits that diminish with time.

“So don’t make me feel like a wrinkly old witch who can twist her own tits into a bow.” You said it, not me. Didn’t you know you have intrinsic beauty that makes your tits appealing to touch even after you’re an old lady?

“Don’t lie to me. I know who ‘Grug’ is.” So you mean the caveman in our skull, our good old friend Grug? Only the nigger version of grug doesn’t bring older ladies into the mix.

“SO WHO IS GRUG, please tell me.” If you can remain calm I will.

If you’re older than 20 years you’re ugly.

You’re in luck though, because certain Grugs see your beauty after you pass that age (if you’re lucky).

We can only draw on our personal experience. I happen to be “in love” with someone who is in her 30s. That’s only because she’s beautiful beyond the physical dimension.

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in fact.

Not like she cares- “status” and “fans” in kikeworld are all that matter to her.

If you actually cared about them, _. _. you’d want them to be exposed to ways of thinking differently.

_. _. – I prefer you with that pseudonym, you’re more hot that way.

_. _. – I constantly dream about seeding her pussy.

“So, what about the woman perspective then?”

Who cares, you don’t have a female equivalent of someone like me. You only have the brain shut-off of “let’s go back to african huts”.

That’s a cop-out. Why don’t you try real feminism sometime?

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