Sounds way too reasonable to be implemented

societies should be preserved in an organic manner by a social mobility that allows upward movement only in carefully graded stages

“I want it ALL NOW!” What an irresponsible pig. You want another plate, piggy? How about ten more extra helpings?

What a joke it all is

People who didn’t even have a country within recent living memory should be granted status in carefully graded stages. Instead, they were given the highest status all at once.

Living in ZOG US is like having to live in “babby’s first country”. Want us to hold your hand as you navigate this, babby? I know having a country is new to you, little guy. We can expect mistakes from you, huh? Like throwing the whole country into the jaws of death for instance. Just a minute error that happens when a people is taking baby steps on the way to civilization.

Seems like an advanced people- a nice shave will take care of that

“We’ve left all that behind us!”

I hope so

Make sure you do exactly nine rotations in order to sweeten Geburah.

It’s okay, a recent history of institutional animal sacrifice is normal.

The boys over at shekina.mybb are always saying the chicken is the goyim the jews are symbolically sacrificing in this ritual.

Is this petty? It’s just a casual example to get the gears turning about the nature of those given the highest status.

Reminds me of this incongruity

Put the caveman in a tuxedo, that will change everything.

It looks like others are thinking similar to me- here is a book that is going to be published soon

For those who’ve ever felt like they were being spun around above a jew’s head in some kind of sadistic ritual.

They DO have their own moats these days, don’t they

Would they like it very much if someone pole-vaulted over?

Wow, those are tags for a study of the first of its kind I’ve ever found. You’ll never see academics go into detail about Nietzsche’s notion of the pathos of distance. (Even though they themselves tend to have it in a sense, which is ironic.)

This is on the years 800 to 1500

They were about 0.5-2% of the population. Chivalrous knight types and their families.

Don’t you want a moat to keep the rabble away? My toxic rhetoric is my moat.

Boner alert

Remember I was getting into this the other day about the old Russian nobility? That the actual point of communism is universal aristocracy? So you’re a retard if you hate me for this.

Anyway, back in these days the jews were considered the chandalas, or impure “untouchable” caste that did the dirty tasks the aristocrats were too “above” to do.

Heh some of us feel this way in our relation to neech

In Scandinavia the nobility almost all had direct ties to the king. Regardless of the size of the estate, the nobleman was most often the “king’s man”

You can’t guillotine books you bastards.

“We CAN mistranslate them though!” Oh I know, trust me.

Is this type of behavior an eyesore for the worthless commies? Good, I’d stab their eyes out if prison didn’t exist.


Just stay on your side of the moat so I don’t have to smell you.

Here is one prominent white man who seems to understand the mentality I speak of

I still don’t know if this is real and I refuse to investigate.

Ukraine is Putin’s moat. To keep English-readers like YOU away probably.

They won’t be happy til Putin looks like Lori Lightfoot -pukes-

If you happen to live on the wrong side of the moat I suggest you interpret a jewess’s words in the following way

Letting a jew live in a castle is like handing a dog the keys to a cliffside condo overlooking the sea.

Even in futuristic civilizations, O’Neill colonies like this, I expect there to exist aristocracies

Even if people are cloned from an identical blueprint they’re going to have different experiences, and those experiences will give some an edge over others. And shouldn’t those ones with an edge be formally distinct from the rest of the population? I just take it as a given that a society should honor exceptional individuals.

Our “aristocrats” are honored for the supposed tragedy of the holocaust. “You’re a victim so you’re in charge” – how is that supposed to make sense?

Understanding the JQ is about watching the fake lake be built then being told it’s natural.

Wouldn’t you like to live in one of these with a princess?

They were often surrounded by huge gardens and deer-hunting parks too. Takes me back to previous reincarnation memories. Just kidding.

With the jews it isn’t as obvious as a castle that distinguishes them. If you have the “eye” for it you will see their “castle” everywhere though–i.e. in people’s weltanschuuang. Informal aristocrats with a castle in the minds. Looks like a plastic Disney castle to me, bud.

This should be interesting to any neechfreeks

This phenomenon manifests today as jews not being able to be criticized. This is their “isolation”, “seclusion”, “distance”, etc.

You ever feel like that chicken, goy?

Good, that’s how you should feel, GOY!

So many synchronicities with this angle

From the eleventh century onwards the aristocracy often preferred to build residences in easily defendable hilltops that were difficult to access

Isn’t it comical to think of your typical dumpsterkike as an “aristocrat”? Well that’s where we are here at the nadir of US history. I strive to be a culturologist- in question is a “decadent elite”.

Your God is a mentally ill desert nigger

It is probably the oldest stone-built secular house in the region, which gives it a huge symbolic importance. The only other contemporary stone buildings in the region were churches. Apart from the lord of Hultaby, only God had houses of stone in the area during the fourteenth century.

We can only hope that people in the future find the jewish castle to be in the following state

“What went on inside? Who could know. It’s all lost to history, how sad” they’ll say.

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