This is touching

‘abuse’ can be ‘the part of a careful friend and a true subject’… Paradoxically, it is when the Prince and Falstaff are most in conflict, when they are exchanging abuse, that they are most aware of how close they are and how much they share.

I’ve been looking for a good study on Shakespeare’s idea of comedy forever. One was published this year on insults in his plays, and those are actually one of the funniest parts about them in my opinion.

“You’re just trying to rationalize being an ABUSER!” Am I chasing you down the sidewalk yelling into a megaphone? No. Maybe I’d like to though!

“You rotten kike, you rotten kike, what a rotten kike on this sidewalk right now!”

Isn’t this a nasty thought

A consequence of playing this game

The tongues of mocking wenches are as keen
As is the razor’s edge invisible

The difference is, one is cope and the other isn’t.

“Give me my ten extra helpings, I’m not a fat pig!”

I think there’s something primal about the insult “wench” though- when they hear it they think “gasp, I AM a wench!”

You see they finally made a sequel to this?

Here’s you and your trashy friends when you visit this site

There’s a reason they play this movie every year (it’s cuz it’s good)

Who knows what kind of twisted BDSM ritual this has all unfurled into

the intimacy which makes abuse innocuous… Calling someone names often amounts to calling him or her pet-names.

No, you really are a wench, so you can go away now.

Most people can only endure momentary non-niggerness. If you have to blip in and out it doesn’t make you “half good”, at least in my eyes. If you’re a subhuman today and not tomorrow you’re just completely worthless. Your acts of virtue are tainted by the anticipation that vice will soon follow.

This one applies to many

This is some funny stuff

“Shots fired” if you ask me.

Let’s go back to this world

the first part of Timon of Athens repeatedly conjures up the image of Timon being devoured by the flatterers around him, like Actaeon by his dogs. In Shakespeare’s time, flattery was considered as one of the worst sins of the tongue.

The flatterers keep you mediocre and you love it.

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