Pondering that idea I’ve mentioned before that artists are like my evil twin. I don’t think we understand what the other is exactly. We both see each other as evil. So I try to probe what my Other is to see if I’m right that they’re evil.

Strictly speaking, an artist is someone who is still examined a hundred years after they’re dead. Everyone else posing as an artist is serving slop. We learned the other day what the farmers feed their cows.

Let’s go about it in the way of a Platonic dialogue- with a provisional definition. An artist creates an image of reality.

The only exception to this definition I can think of is a dancer. Even with them though they are depicting reality with their rhythm (or lack thereof). And ballet isn’t really about rhythm, it’s about a regal austerity I’d call it. I’d also say Kant depicts a regal austerity. So it isn’t easy to tease apart the arts from each other and the arts from philosophy.

An artist has a certain physis and someone who raises their eyebrow about art has a certain physis.

This is entertaining

Bring it on, I say. I’m expecting to be unfazed. If you can’t express yourself in direct speech then I don’t give a damn what you have to say, you’re a coward.

“You’re on the internet calling a ballerina a coward, I think it’s time to rethink things.” I’m serious. Artists are “mealy-mouths” almost by definition. Too afraid to say it so you’re going to create an image of it. I see it as a sublimation of raw emotion. It’s a real feeling that’s translated into something artificial. “I don’t have the words for it!” Have you ever heard of a dictionary?

I’m just trying to establish that you’re the evil one out of the two of us because there seems to be some ambiguity and confusion there.

Creating images that depict DELUSIONS!

If you just said what you felt in direct speech there wouldn’t be any delusion you’re spreading around society.

“The Lie needs to live or WE cannot live.” I think you’re talking about cows there, farmer girl, Farmer John.

So let’s sum up so far. An artist is someone who creates delusional images for cows because they’re afraid to say what they really feel.

Do you feel flattered? We all know I want my evil twin to feel peachy-keen at all times. How about you show me your dance of death? Your dance of despair and remorse?

Some people say what they really feel. For instance, some artists I want to rape and murder. It’s just an impulse, not something that will be acted on. Sometimes reality is too ugly to look upon isn’t it? How about murder THEN rape, how does that sound?

Just let it all out, you don’t have to express yourself in images.

Thankfully it’s possible to do certain things on the plane of ideas, that way there’s no prison time.

This annoys me to no end

when dance enters the field of philosophy and prompts the philosopher to ‘tell me who I am,’ the dance, in effect, is showing the philosopher how it escapes his grasp, ‘“barring” him from mastery’ of the work of art

How about I flap the gums of my sock puppet for the cowardly artists? “My art IS my real feeling.” A delusion for cows is your real feeling- got it.

Okay this is humbling

For Mallarmé and Valéry, dance provides an alternative model of expression external to language processes and structures of knowledge, an event of corporeal expressivity that their poetic words strive to match in a productive tension with failure.

There’s a reason dancers are considered among the most beautiful of women. They Prove their Grace without words.

“MY cow-delusions are graceful too!” Maybe, otherwise I’d only want to murder you rather than rape AND murder you. Hey, at least some of us are honest. I’m just kidding around- the thought that it’s even possible to rape modern women is a joke anyway. “Give me an excuse to fuck.”

This is interesting

dance is ‘thought as event, but before it has a name’

Besides not being named, is it even thought? It seems it’s intrinsically instinctive in many cases.

This is a subtlety

art as an encounter is a violence to thought operating via sensation; this is very different to the processes of philosophy that have qualities of calmness and ‘friendliness’

People like me aren’t “trying to pull a fast one” on anybody, unlike artists. Deceivers baking the bread of lies. Re-forging emotions through tilted images.

Evil twin material if you ask me. The court’s adjourned isn’t it.

Maybe it isn’t clear to you why I call it a twin. All this I’ve said here is an image I created. The difference is it’s not for cows and I’m not speaking indirectly because I’m afraid to be direct.

Found out!

Were you shy as a child? Take a seat on the couch.

Did someone scare you? Did someone shame you for something that made you hesitate before you speak?

Let’s just stick with the subject (which isn’t your psychological problems which cause you to be a type of “mute”)

If dance could talk back, what would it have to say in response?

It probably would twerk at me, “mockingly”.

I said ballet is regal because it’s fitting for a king to watch it. That’s the kind of response I would want. None of this jungle bunny air-humping.

I greatly respect artists that aren’t mute, cowardly cow-charmers.

“He’s not reading me like a book, he’s not reading me like a book.” Okay, ARTIST. I’m going to make “artist” a dirty word.

Nah, behold the philosophy of this type of art

dance is lightness… flight, birds, breath, a fountain, the air. ‘Dance is opposed to the spirit of gravity […] devoted to its zenith’

That’s a real “danceful” way to say it.

Can’t female dancers be like a pretty bird? No, not pretty- gorgeous.

In contrast, the jungle bunny dancers are odious.

It’s ironic that the philosophy of art has to be poetic

the body that pricks the floor just as one would puncture a cloud… an unconstrained body, or as a body not constrained by itself

You’re TRYING to be us, dancers

the body released from its terrestrial, material reality and ‘aspiring’ to the condition of thought

I WILL have it out with the artists, they have too much power over the population.

-them painting their nails- “It’s quite nice, too.”

Yeah and you’re a type of jew in many cases, sorry to inform you, mute.

“You’re implying it’s similar to being deaf or blind.” Yes.

Anyway, I think we can all learn from dancers

It is a new beginning […freed] from all social mimicry, from all gravity and conformity

Can’t you imagine Biden watching a line of twerkers and clapping? That’s what an American king deserves.

To me, watching twerkers is Guantanamo Bay material.

The answer is no

You have to hand it to artists though- most people don’t even say what they feel indirectly.

Artists do seem like a weird type of handicap though

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