Oh man, getting a physical copy of Choinski would be a life-changer

This is in Polish though.

He’s the person my mind jumps to when I contemplate optimal fiction to be converted into live drama / interactive cinema / whatever you want to call it. I’ve mostly only seen synopses though because most of it hasn’t been translated and isn’t in HTML form. Some of it you can find here.

Choinski was born a few years before Hamsun. This is our “baddie” friend of Poland par excellence.

Let’s take a peek at some of the material we can’t access. He doesn’t have many friends among the Poles it seems

hideous, caricatured individuals (Marat, Danton, Robespierre)

It’s impossible to overstate that both as a theorist and historian he’s one of the most important in the world. So I expect his many prose works to be exceptional as well. He has lots of historical fiction.

HAHA it’s the mustache again!

Remember Ivan Franko, the Ukrainian we need interactive cinema adaptations of?

Some people actually care about ideal art, SORRY.

Choinski has a trilogy on the French Revolution, ~600 pages a pop.

Remember it wasn’t until the collapse of the USSR that Choinski slowly began to be unearthed. His books were banned and burned during communism.

He also has a trilogy set in the Roman Empire. This isn’t what we’re here for though is it. I think we know what we’re here for don’t we.

Well the internet is not very helpful at all for sorting through all of this

Why do I go through the trouble for people who believe it’s good to keep those who are smarter than them in gulags? Nigger reveal party every day.

“I’m not a crypto-commie, and commies aren’t crypto-niggers, not listening to you la la la la la.”

Hey, that’s me

However, if someone is attracted to Jeske-Choiński by some perverse, magnetic force

He’s the ultimate refutation of the Auschwitz narrative, I don’t know if you forgot. I mean that in the superlative sense- he’s number one in that regard.

And his dozens of fictional works which are said to contain the heart of his worldview are so difficult to access…

That’s why I’ve made like 5 posts like this, because this frustrates me so much. Polish people help me out!

“My ancestors were the ones who were BURNING him!” Probably true- how many reactionaries starved to death in Poland the last handful of decades?

I keep only finding info on the novels mentioned. He is THE ONE who knew what was going to happen in Poland

Jews are biting their fingernails at the thought of these other novels being unearthed. Nothing to worry about- my fellow-travelers mostly only care about which zogpuppet will be installed as president next. Nothing of consequence they care about. And one person isn’t going to have much of an impact. History belongs to the rabble.

IF you ARE interested in this project of genealogical mining, the OCR versions of many of Choinski’s novels can be found here. I have to very slowly read them to get an idea of whether they have any politically relevant content or not.

You have to actually have a genuine concern about Philosophy, the Demiurge, etc. to be interested in this sort of thing, and most people’s concern is fake so.

Flimsy eros. Void-soul. Excuse-maker. A nigger.

“Octopus’s Garden” is stuck in my head though for some reason, and that makes the day better in a world of people like this.

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