Is there a subspecies with the BEST sense of humor?

research has substantiated evidence that Easterners do not hold as positive an attitude toward humor as their Western counterparts do

It seems like one could judge based on the one standard alone, that you’d want to live somewhere with the funniest people.

Let’s look at what exactly this would entail

Humorous people are thought to be more attractive… and more motivating, creative, and capable [and it’s] associated with self-awareness, well-adjustment, and affability

This stuff is banned I guess.

Read the first quote I posted and consider that “Easterners” also means “Israelites”. It’s easier to ponder when you think of a Chinese person with less of a sense of humor.

The Chinese straight-up don’t think humor is a desirable personality trait. Confucianism, specifically, devalues humor. The effect of doctrine on the people was studied empirically.

They’ve also found that it’s not that the Chinese don’t value a sense of humor, it’s that they themselves lack it. This contrasts with the jews who neither have a sense of humor or value it.

“What about the famous Jewish Comedy??” Yeah country music is real music too. The typical jewish comedian would probably cry and run away if you were genuinely humorous around him. Then figure out how to get you fired. That’s not a sense of humor.

If you squint you might notice that you perceive a funny person as a beautiful person.

At least in my opinion, that’s thee key to determining if a soul is beautiful. Just in terms of day to day basics anyway- someone who cures cancer I might see as more beautiful. I’d go as far as to say that a sense of humor is the ultimate test that proves whether someone is truly human or not.

My curiosity though is, if we can acknowledge that westerners are funnier than easterners, who among the west is the funniest? Imagine if there were empirical findings it was the Belgians for instance. I’d like to know that. I start to chuckle just thinking about being able to be around the funniest people in the world.

By the way, if you didn’t find those disgusting images kind of funny, could it be because you ARE one of those degenerates? Just a theory.

I’m drawing from a study conducted by Chinese by the way. Ironically, westerners are too humorless to honestly talk about cultural differences between peoples so I’m not surprised a Chinese paper is the first I find.

A quasi-science is possible

Belgians reported less use of self-enhancing humor and more use of aggressive humor than Canadians. Kazarian and Martin (2004) found that Lebanese reported lower use of self-enhancing humor than Canadians, lower aggressive humor use than Belgians, and lower use of affiliative humor than both Canadians and Belgians. Kalliny et al. (2006) found that Americans scored higher on self-enhancing and self-defeating humor than Arabs.

Interesting distinction

youmo is regarded as a high-SES [socioeconomic status] vocal act triggering thoughtful a smile with profundity, while huaji is described as low-SES, funny, shallow, and ridiculous actions that trigger more laughter than smiles with ridiculousness

Most of what passes for humor in ZOG is extremely shallow by the way. What else can you expect from niggers?

I just casually laughed at the thought of making fun of reactionaries who starved to death in gulags. I don’t think jews are capable of that regarding the gas chambers. Poor reactionary’s hungry in there. Kind of funny to joke about. Not funny at all if it’s about the pajama people.

Our bioleninists are similar to the Chinese

Click here for a briefing on a favorite form of Chinese comedy that is increasingly banned.

Here’s the situation of one popular comedian there

“The subjects I talk about, Chinese politicians don’t talk about, and foreign journalists don’t dare ask — or if they did ask, they wouldn’t get an answer,” Zhou told me… While Zhou may venture into sensitive territory, he rarely says anything truly controversial. (Even his “people’s servants” routine goes after an easy, government-approved target.) The reason, he said, is simple: “I’m patriotic.”

People are hardcore patriots about ZOG.

Back to “us” though, here is a result from 11 Euro nationalities studied

The Canadians have the weakest sense of humour, according to the survey.

Okay, I want something more solid than this though

Internet research into international humour has discovered that Germans laugh the most.

I refuse to accept that this is impossible to determine

Russians are the funniest if you ask me.

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