Ballsy of him

I’ve shown you insights of his about painting and a few other arts, and never, I think, about literature. He’s one of those rare people with such a “gift for description” that he can put into words the qualities of wine. “I drink it to get ‘white girl wasted’, what else is there to know?” Literature can be just as indescribable as wine.

This is a decent soundbite

the controlled release of information about an imaginary world

Does anyone even read literature these days? I just can’t imagine the typical american cretin reading anything with more words than a newspaper article. People should be allotted a portion of vote based on how much they read and the quality of what they read.

Oh I love this

[they] gain their significance in part because they are written in a conscious attempt to join that tradition

Across both the arts and the sciences it’s a forbidding membership. It’s a highly exclusive club.

Let me join, Nietzsche, let me join! I think he’d have to let me, then again I’m an arrogant person.

Anyway, I’m so happy I don’t reach for Harold Bloom anymore when I’m in the mood to better understand literature. Excuse me for saying but he’s a prime example of a “kike”. And if I can Grasp a 180IQ kike like him, imagine how I see the typical 110IQ ones of the US. Child’s play.

Scruton on literature

From these visions we acquire a sense of what is intrinsically worthwhile in the human condition… not getting lost in fantasy, pictures of things, but looking at the world in another way, so to understand that it is a sphere of possibilities incarnate in an actuality.

There’s an Eternity to be found in the classics in particular. People who’ve never read those probably don’t know what’s worthwhile in the human condition, thus shouldn’t have a vote. Sorry to inform the commies by the way that jealousy and vengeance is no way to spend life.

“I read leftist classics though! Those count, right?” Some, probably.

Scruton being unintentionally racist, sexist, and classist

I think you can point out the difference between untutored reactions to things and considered responses, and show that the considered response is not a weaker form of feeling; it might be a more heartfelt form of feeling, but it involves understanding and sympathy at a higher level.

“So what if I learned all my reactions from garbage TV shows?”

Do many people not have one of these I wonder?

“Yeah haven’t you ever heard of Coyote Ugly? It’s classic.” Scrolling through many of the most popular movies, it’s not looking good for the soul of the nation. Not many of them are going to show you what’s intrinsically worthwhile in the human condition like a novel will, specifically a novel that’s been read for generations.

One final point he makes, which is highly applicable to the problems of today

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