I will go over some of the things the commies were right about, just to rub it in their face because they can’t extend the same good-will toward rightists.

Property ownership is a dirty business. Outside of sci-fi I think it’s possible to imagine force fields for individuals. Wherever they traveled they’d have a force field around them. I’m not joking around. If someone is walking through the forest or a city it’s probably possible that they can have a forcefield to protect them from the elements.

Hotel? Tent? We can click a button with our minds now that puts a dome around us simulating optimal conditions.

The jewed people- “Oh so you’re finally starting to understand our desperation under the Spanish, the Slavs, the Germans, etc.” And now, with the jew world order, we don’t have a society that a dome would be useful in.

You didn’t simulate optimal conditions with the jews, you just brought the menaces into the protective dome.

So now another planet dies.

“Being an exile is good for the planet, let’s spread it everywhere.”

What if you were exiled for good reason? And the ones you keep out of society were exiled for bad reason?


I kind of .. got the hint some years ago.

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