Something prominent from the debate I have with my mountain-climber friend is the question of who has it worst- jewish women or jewish men.

This is a “prickly” debate as they say. My opinion is that jewish men have it worst because they have to deal with stupid cunts all the time and need their pussies to survive, sorry or not sorry for being vulgar.

If you asked me, our political world is controlled by jewish women who dominate jewish men’s lives.

This is a complex issue, not easy to describe.

I just hope all the “bros” can join together some way against these dumb cunts, because they truly are retarded, and yet their holes do all the “reasoning” for them.

I look for a scientist woman or an artist, someone who isn’t a retard, and there aren’t many of those. Yet I find myself to be one of the highest specimens around? There must be an explanation for that discrepancy.

“You better never say anything negative about women again or we will keep you buried.” – Says the nigger that can’t accept women were historically worth nothing besides breeding-machines. If you feminist breeding-machines performed your role in life I’d bet you’d be so much happier. I guess only one way to find out.

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