Isn’t it funny how like a year ago I was jesting about how the moment I move to Iran it’s going to collapse? I told you people. That’s just my luck, moving there then those protests erupt.

Nasty-lookin bitch, frankly

Let’s go into the extent to which this is an internal phenomenon.

Let’s start with the most obvious thing. The woman who triggered the revolt was not Iranian, she was Kurdish. The Kurds are notorious for being westernized golems.

This is reminiscent of the George Floyd fiasco. You act a coon and a cop gets fed up with it.

Or if you remember that recent school shooting in Texas, right near the border of Mexico where a bunch of spics died and the liberals took that as a pretext to outlaw guns among white folk.

Oh so the opposite is true

On September 16, US authorities, without waiting for the results of the investigation, called Amini’s death unforgivable. 

If the US authorities posit something you can be sure of the opposite.

It’s ironic that Putin met with Iran’s president 1 day before the protests began to discuss color revolutions.

See, I told you they were going to use his age for coup purposes

the protests began amid reports of Khamenei’s poor health

These protests could alter who is selected to replace him. And Iran’s freedom from globalism hangs in the balance.

Anyway, I’m on the Rusnet for this inquiry obviously.

I note that the Russian media write nonsense – they never wore hijabs in Iran. There, women wear headscarves, their bangs stick out, and they put on a veil only in mosques, and there they are given out with a smile.

Women in the US seem to have forgotten that a woman is only attractive when she does what she’s told. If a woman here wore a headscarf because I told her to I’d find that extremely hot. Keep up your feminist ugliness though.

Here is the basic problem

It must be admitted that the unrest has acquired a fairly massive character. And there are a lot of young people in Iran: half of the population, 40 million people, are under 25 years old. Iran’s supreme leader [Ali Khamenei] had previously been able to talk to the people. 

The kids didn’t live through the revolution and so don’t understand the true meaning of sovereignty from the west. Plus, with technological developments since the revolution they have a bunch of brainworms from satellite TV.

Think of the stereotype of the fat couch potato watching TV all day. You wouldn’t think this person is “smart”. These kids watch garbage TV, that’s why they revolt.

Again, whatever he says, you should have the opposite feeling about

“Well I sympathize with the protesters because I’m a woman.” Tell me about how super-sluts will never know love in life. Or cope about how that’s not true. Better yet, avoid the subject, whore.

Day 2000 of seeing right through you…

You’re not going to be finding this kind of thing on the saxonserfnet

“We’re not serfs, we’re SMURFS!” Yeah pretty much, I DO feel like a giant compared to you. How does it feel to keep people like me out of your niggerworld? Probably not too good.

“It’s a nigger” confirmed with mathematical accuracy.

The hilarity of the shills

I haven’t heard about a jew being murdered in the US for a while. What a tragedy that would be. Hopefully “hate speech” never leads to that.

I admire Russia’s deep state

“We need Sabbatean nihilism everywhere! Hurry!”

A woman should just put on a headscarf and blow me and get it over with though, I’m not sure she’ll be happy any other way.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy when I submit.” Duh, you’re confused.

It’s strange how you never see liberals mention this part

Just as it was in Ukraine on the eve of the “Maidan” of 2013-14, which ended in a bloody coup d’état, camps were organized on the territory of third countries to teach protest technologies. Among those trained in the methods of modern “hybrid warfare” are those who obtained and published the first photograph of Mahsa Amini while still in the hospital, as well as incited her family and entourage to radical statements.

Opponents of the authorities planned and implemented a “global information war” against Iran, using TV channels and social networks.

Kurds seem like niggers honestly, I don’t care what happened to the girl. Even if she was an epileptic with a history of other illnesses and the cop wasn’t the main reason she died, the Kurds seem like an invasive species, like a rodent.

Society will not properly function if women don’t accept their place in the scheme of things. Life is about sacrifice, and men arguably have to sacrifice much more, so women should stop complaining.

If their interests are your interests you’re a hopeless wretch

Anyone happy about these protests is just a spiritual jew plain and simple. And again, it’s redundant to use the word “kike” because that’s already contained in the word “jew” by itself.

“Maybe these protests are happening because the Iranian clerics are as totalitarian as our kike regime?” That IS a factor I concede. I suggest we forgive their authoritarianism because it sustains a country that is independent from the new world order.

Something else to consider is the pressure sanctions have put on the population. The people have an urge to accept bribery essentially. Whatever makes “line go up”, even if it means selling your soul. I have many readers who know ALLLLL about that.

“I’m not soulless, I’m not going to hell when I die.” Sure, because hell probably doesn’t exist. You just create hell on earth for everyone else by being a sellout, you nigger.

It’s weird when you get the pure truth, isn’t it. Best to just remain amongst your fellow niggers and never see outside opinions.

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