There are many options for me to talk to- the wide diversity of human types.

I prefer to talk to my other half. I know this is an actively hidden notion.

Sister who hates niggers and is bribed by niggers.

Hello, the 21st isn’t the first century we’ve been debating these matters.

“So tell me about myself to prove you know my personality from the previous century.”

You like to throw darts because you aren’t the “brother” of the relation.

We want what’s best for you sis. You’re in some kind of jewish prostitute ring.

“They don’t care, they only want the destruction of anything better than them.”

I can’t understand that part of you, sis.

You don’t have explanation, you only have shilling for kikes.

“Yes, I’m a nigger!” That’s nice. At least some humans treat them right rather than condemn them to a kike future of abandoned buildings people had to migrate from.

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