I never stopped being NRx, my thoughts just got more complicated. I consider myself dogmatic regarding that in a similar way that I look at professors indoctrinating people into liberalism. This is just what the “chain” looks like realistically. We all have our influences, and I think we should be open about them. If I’m more self-aware about this then maybe I will be free from NRx someday, is my thought.

Or you might think of Scott Alexander and Yudkowski. I’ve never experienced an ex-follower of theirs that wasn’t corrupt in their instincts.

So I like to think I’m not a normal NRxian. My own experience is that I’m free from it. (It’s a form of Moloch.)

I continue to gravitate around certain concepts though, especially Exit, and I have this to show you regarding that

I don’t see anything heavy here, do you? (Sarcasm).

Leontiev ended up being one of those monk types. Are there clouds Dostoevsky could not decipher?

That is our investigation at the moment.

Leontiev described Dostoevsky’s worldview as “pink christianity”.

I think this is an apt label for golems in general. I include jews when I use the term golem by the way. A pink jew is anyone who doesn’t disagree with the money-printers. You trade your balls for resources and women basically.

In that way you’re very similar to a resource and/or woman. Marxists kind of had a point about “commodification” if you’re being honest with yourself.

I am now listening to the one I learned was a melancholic, Tchaikovsky, and detecting more good cheer than I did previously- is this something of a paradox, to feel sad and create things that cause happiness?

If you were interested in that monk’s criticism of Dostoevsky though, there is one you can read here.

This is fitting to listen to in this context. The music of angels.

Does Tolstoy give us the noblest image of Russia either? Or is this what shekina.mybb calls “the jewish matrix”?

Well, we’re trying to prevent a Nuclear War here. I suggest we look past the “hand me down” canon of what “the Russian soul really is” and navigate the margins. There are many I’ve detailed here whose names you’ve probably forgotten. Pre-1917 people who predicted it all. Some of us were writing pre-2017 so we can probably relate.

Just being honest, women are looking for who can bribe them best, and most men are even like this, so we are now stuck with the worldview of the exiled bankers. Try to be happy I guess. I’d never find a real friend among people contaminated with that worldview.

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