When I’m at the store I often gravitate toward the camping section for whatever reason, and they have some nifty stuff these days. There was this blanket that must’ve weighed less than an ounce that can be folded up to easily fit in your wallet, and it keeps you warm, and it’s waterproof and windproof. Must be some kind of NASA “foil”. There were a few other things in the camping section that made me raise an eyebrow too.

Some form of z-library is back so I typed in “survivalism” and couldn’t resist clicking a crazy-looking book

Human tastes like tender pork with a hint of monkey meat.

You get to a certain point of misanthropy and find yourself clicking a “recipe book” like this.

This is how he dedicates the book

As a neechen I think it’s a test of one’s pathos of distance whether one feels “visceral disgust” at this thought.

He speculates that certain religions’ prohibition of pork originated from the detected similarity to the taste of human.

Up to half of the recovered skeletal remains of human beings from the earlier eras of man’s development show obvious evidence of cannibalism, such as splitting of the bones lengthwise to get at the marrow

I don’t know about you but this subject totally unfazes me. Niggers (communists) don’t have souls so I see them as animals. So what’s the next step from there?

This book is written SEMI-satirically, and then there are moments when you wonder if he’s joking around.

You have to be careful though because it’s like how cows in factory farms are fed nasty stuff. Same with many westerners. People who eat lots of corn syrup and processed foods probably won’t taste the best.

I’m trying to gaslight you into this- is it working?

Besides the nutritious bone marrow, there are also delectable parts of the brain that were most popular to consume.

They don’t sell cow marrow at the store as much as they used to. Is this just my area? That’s one of my favorite foods. I think they put a section there now thinking they’ll be for dogs or something.

This is a well-written, politically incorrect paleo-anthropology though if yer intrissted.

This is the most relatable thing I’ve seen for a while

It’s kind of strange the thoughts you might have once you stop believing that “humanity is one” and that the reality is rather that there’s a continuum between us and the animals.

Ah this was written in the 90s- makes sense now. This type of person was smothered out of existence the last couple decades.

With the widespread use of eye contacts you can’t pick up on this as easy anymore

This is his ideal “meal”, what he calls a grazer, a liberal vegetarian type.

My quibble with him is that I expect fellow cannibals to taste the best. “Degenerate steak” doesn’t sound that appealing.

This guy has a good sense of humor

This book is a misanthrope’s wild dream

He says to chuck the organs too because they potentially carry disease. And to immediately remove the head, hands, and feet if you need to rapidly adjust to the situation psychologically. A commie-subhuman’s head on a silver platter isn’t really something I’d need to adjust to, personally.

The elderly are stringy and need to be kept in a crockpot for longer.

He recommends smoking the meat though

This looks like a simple trick that could be used on squirrels and the like as well.

He decides to use a trash can as the smoker, that’s precious.

You can use hickory wood chips to enhance the flavor. And you WILL probably need to enhance the flavor if it’s a bioleninist.

Okay, this is what we’ve all been waiting for

The bacon! NIGGER BACON! I can feel something ancestral calling to me. I’d love to have a german shepherd getting to chew on their severed head. Only the best for the goodest boys.

Here we have it

Oh, I did read somewhere that the abs are the bacon

They say that besides the bones the thighs are the most valuable part (which you might have guessed)

This “study” is making me hungry actually.

This guy recommends using an Asian recipe if you’re using an Asian person.

Jerky is another one of my favorite foods. My friend in high school used to share his homemade venison jerky and I’ve never tasted that replicated from a commercial source.

Just imagine, how this is only partially a joke. Do you realize the chasm between the castes?

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