Can you believe they have this? has most of roger’s plays fully dramatized, and each one for around only $10.

I’m starting a new piece’a crap job pretty soon and Audible’s been my good friend throughout the years. Some books are made to be listened to rather than read. One of my favorites in this regard is William S. Burroughs’ corpus. Others, like Hegel- don’t even bother trying to absorb that via audio.

It’s growing eerie how human-like AI is getting. I was on the phone with an automated voice yesterday and it almost felt like I was talking to an actual person. I think we could use this tek to create audiobooks of various of our favorite thoughtcrime books that they obviously will not sell on Audible. So people like me who no one will hire for an intellectual job can at least continue learning through the monotony of drudgery.

I have this little wireless earbud that is flesh-colored, with about 6 hours of battery life in between charges.

“Why don’t you just invest in the stock market or something?” That is not my techne. My whole personality would have to change in order to enter the world of Mammon. Like I said the other day, paraphrasing neech, the qualities required for a philosopher are inherently self-destructive. I mean, just look at the founder of the “movement”- sentenced to death.

It’s just amazing that we have actors who read these things for us

So usually, if you watch a film portrayal of Sherlock, it’s not Doyle verbatim. You get Doyle’s direct words when you listen to the audio, so it’s kind of the best of both worlds.

Most of the jobs I’ve had they didn’t let you listen to audio, so you have to be careful about the kind you pick. Because then you’re getting paid to absorb awesome books, basically. In the academy this is also the case, you just have to sell your soul to be part of the academy.

Yup, that’s for damn sure

I’ve never actually tried Heidegger. Maybe I’m experienced enough in his thought at this point. According to Gadamer, his lectures were vastly different than his writings. There’s a lot of emotion in philosophy that is important I think. It took me a while to pick up on the emotions in Nietzsche’s writings.

I know I have certain people who intentionally promote ZOG-friendly writers in order to obscure me. They’ve been doing that for years. So this is kind of just how I make the best of the situation. You can’t expect niggers to have any virtue. Speaking of Kant, people tend to be a lot closer to Sade.

This reminds me, I should listen to a Jane Austen novel narrated by a woman, I’ll probably pick up on more of the subtleties that way. I know I’m such a bad, evil person who deserves to live under a bridge, it’s crystal-clear.

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