There are only a few interesting countries out there. I think North Korea is one of them. It’s similar to Myanmar or Iran in being relatively free from liberal-nihilism influence.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Kim Jong-un–김정은–himself was reading this? One can almost imagine it. The Koreans are “twinkies” and he seems to have a more elevated perspective than most in the world given his place as ruler of a sovereign kingdom.

World-leaders tend to have a feeling about wanting to put a burlap sack over the head of someone like me and drag me into the darkness, and he probably feels that impulse also.

That’s fine and natural, Kim. I still want to offer you advice because I care about your kingdom. 46,000 square miles of sovereign land – what could go wrong?

My most immediate suggestion would be to recognize your closeness with Xi Jinping. I mean this in a mental sense. This is unavoidable if you are a small country on the border of a vast country. Kim and Xi are two distinct individuals. If Xi is a puppet then Kim has to be a puppet too.

“나는 그와 같은 꼭두각시가 아니다. 나는 시진핑을 조롱한다.”

I only suggest Kim examine his psyche closely to identify how he admires Xi. When I look into his mind there is a “venn diagram” where part of his personality is Xi.

“내가 왜 미국인을 믿을까요?”

Great question. Some of us don’t relate to the American “cause” and see people like you more relatable.

My point to Kim is that the most serious problem he has to contend with is excising not only the west from his mind but Xi Jinping too.

Koreans are superior to the Chinese, they just have a smaller population. Xi shouldn’t be the last judgment.

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