This itself is a humorous statement

witticisms happen to be the best point of entry into our topic, that of formations of the unconscious

I’ll have to take back my reservation prior to clicking Lacan again that “everything the French touch dies”. Touch a green sprout, it turns black and withers. No, so far not.

“Please don’t talk about my unconscious.” Who said you have one? Only your own anxiety can tell you if you have one or not. Otherwise it’s a purely speculative concept. And only a psychopath would force you to turn and face your unconscious. Are there monsters there or something?

Lacan’s famous claim is that the unconscious is structured like a language

It’s because something has become tied to something like speech that discourse can untie the knot.

The monsters that lurk there aren’t amorphous blobs- they are constituted by distinct words. Think of it like a file you can click and read but you’re too afraid to click it. You might feel a creeping doom about it.

I love how some people just want to “trip” with me everyday. It can’t be healthy to trip everyday. You probably see society-people like they’re a type of robot. Well, they are.

“Just say something to distract me from the doom.” Why, what is it? Try to get it off your chest. Maybe the monster wants to give you a hug? You’ll never know til you click the file.

It reminds me of the game Heavy Rain where you have thought-options hovering around you

Triangle triangle TRIANGLE!

It’s probably something that makes you feel dead inside. Or gives you a sour stomach somewhat.

A jew might have a lurking paranoia regarding what was going on in the Pale.

Don’t worry, our culture’s whole moral structure and the status you derive from being part of it doesn’t rest on a foundation of fabrications.

In many cases the only reason someone is shown respect at all is due to those fabrications- that would probably give me a feeling of doom too. The idea that you’d instantly plummet into a world of low self-esteem were it not for an intricately spun web of lies. Sort of like when you see a woman without makeup for the first time. Something like a butterfaced dog, and maybe we’ll still love them anyway, and maybe we’ll still love the jews anyway (since they’re a type of robot themselves and can’t be blamed for not having freewill).

What jews look like without makeup

And that’s VALID!

It’s also valid to be their makeup artist. Keep fighting the good fight.

Say hello to your grandchild

This is probably already you in a certain sense. If even reactionary men have a touch of it, you have more than a touch of it. The meaning of life is to be a fat nigger after all (I heard somewhere). (Or maybe I saw it on a marxist’s t-shirt).

If the other meaning of life is to give kikes rimjobs you’re a pro.

It’s like a dirty gypsy is Santa and you’re one of the reindeer helping him deliver gifts of raw sewage to the children of the world. I’d be proud of myself, if I were you.

Do you think there’s a way to use ultrasound to detect if a white nigger is going to not have a soul before it’s even born?

“Yup, it’s a dud. Should we crap it out anyway just for the sake of having an extra gear for the machinery of society?” “No, I don’t think so, it would probably only have a net-negative effect on humanity overall.”

Anyway I digress. When you contemplate the idea of the unconscious do you feel an edge of “gnashing of teeth”? It’s sort of like a hell that is pushed out of conscious view. Until someone causes it to surface. Then you and that gnashing of teeth fragment of self are one.

I don’t think Lacan is an “obscurantist charlatan” as many people call him, he’s just a complex thinker (and French, admittedly)

The essential dimension that witticisms [trait d’esprit] bring us right into is at work specifically in the interplay between message and code, thus also in the return from the code to the message.

A witticism (i.e. a joke) often is encoded. That’s the whole point of “getting” a joke, that it’s not completely direct and thus needs to be “got”. Jokes are inherently enigmas. They remind me of how an octopus changes colors.

Your unconscious is what “gets” a joke. Comedians are perhaps the best revealers of a culture’s unconscious.

They have a good reputation for having a bad reputation

the notion of esprit nonetheless has a centre of gravity, which for us resides in esprit in the sense in which one speaks of an homme spirituel, a witty man, and does so even if he does not have a terribly good reputation.

A culture’s unconscious is perceived as something akin to the garbage dump. That’s where we imprison all the smelly monsters. And when someone puts one of these smelly monsters on display in the right way it can make us laugh.

I think one of the reasons that comedians are pretty non-existent these days is because our “wit caste” itself is not yet ready to laugh about certain monsters. The comedian is the first one to find something funny, and then he shows others how it is funny. So there’s something “futural” about comedians. There’s also a natural bravery in the face of monsters.


“Scandalous” is a word that sheds light on the nature of wit

the unexpected phenomenon, the scandal when it comes to enunciation, is produced, namely, this novel message, and we don’t yet know what it is, for we can’t name it yet

We’re caught off guard by the surfacing of the unconscious, that’s part of why we laugh. You might have seen a couple witty people interact with each other? Instead of laughing they up the ante on the wit, revealing more and more of the unconscious. They’re not as caught off guard because what’s revealed isn’t as unconscious to them.

Memes can be witty. I’m always finding new depictions of one of my favorites that always make me smirk

It reveals something the unconscious knows.

The liberals are flocking to mastodon or whatever precisely because they want the unconscious to remain unconscious.

The monsters they’re afraid of seem to me to be misunderstood angels.

People who get too hysterical in the face of the unconscious probably don’t deserve a vote. And this itself is one of their monsters.

notice this – a degree of domination and a certain taming of your terror.

They are dominated by their fear. Jews especially tend to be huge pussies. They know how to “play it cool” so you might not have noticed that about them. The reason jokes aren’t allowed is because they’re dominated by their fear of the Real. Similar to women (not coincidentally).

“Being the way we are makes society worse” hovers in their unconscious. And it tends to be vehemently disavowed upon surfacing in consciousness.

Yeah though, throughout this post, the chances are that you never managed to “click the file”. You probably saw a fuzzy image of the unopened file at least though. People are experts at not clicking it. They’re dominated by their anxiety about it like a fawn caught in headlights. Even though they’d probably be a better person to be around if they just clicked the file.

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