I just look for a laugh in life, and the thing you’re MOST not allowed to say just so happens to be the funniest (at least to ME).

Sticking with psychologists- everyone knows Dostoevsky’s notorious Diary of a Writer. Lots of no-no bad-bad things in that. Let’s examine some more obscure instances of “humor” in his corpus.

Isay Fomitch Bumstein in The House of the Dead, the Messianic idea in The Devils, and ‘the little demon’ in The Brothers Karamazov

Bumstein is actually a portrait modeled off a yid he had to spend years with in a gulag. In Dostoevsky’s St. Petersburg not many Khazarians were allowed in. So he needed his experience in Siberia to even encounter such cursed wretches. In contrast, someone else who wrote similar portraits, Gogol, who was a key influence on Dostoevsky, witnessed the clash between Ukrainians and the Habiru first-hand for many more years. (Which, by the way, if you want to go down another rabbit hole)-

I don’t get why people are so quick-tempered and cranky when you discuss the Philosophy of Religion. It has to be one of the highest pastimes…? You’re not taking THAT away from me, retard.

Bumstein is a Shylock-type, a money-lender in the prison

I’d say it’s not just their dealings in which they’re dirty- they tend to have a dirtiness in personality and temperament too. Just in MY experience.

Hey, why can’t I lose a woman’s money for her!

I’d be so good at that, and you know it.

The self-parody writes itself

In the words of Goldstein, “How could Dostoevsky have dared to put these words in the mouth of his Alyosha, Alyosha, the incarnation of charity, the symbol of Russia’s spiritual regeneration.”

Whenever I read a yid’s take on antisemitism in the classics I get this uncanny feeling that I’m beholding the devil himself.

one cannot help but question this character and his role as a ‘monk in this world’. As an artistic creation, Alyosha loses his integrity… This “I don’t know” disgraces the Jewish nation

Can you imagine a Christian being this way?

All these great men of history must be the wrong ones, obviously

Even great psychologists have to gradually awaken too

Heh, the nihilists love to call themselves socialists don’t they? Niggers prefer to have a sparkly self-image of themselves.

Tolstoy, for one, considered the novel Bumstein features in to be Dostoevsky’s masterpiece. So HE must not have felt cranky about it.

Wow, hitting the nail on the head

[his face] bore the eternal expression of resentful affliction which is so sharply etched in every Jewish face without exception

Dostoevsky just loved Russia and Russianness. When you love something you simultaneously have to hate something else.


he asks his readers to “note the intemperance of the attack and the degree of touchiness” (25: 76). Apparently, his continual assaults on the Jews should have been accepted by them with placid equanimity!

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