You really think I can see a book like this and not click it?

Not many people know about Grof but he’s kind of like the living McKenna (if McKenna had been more professional and less casual).

To be honest, Freud, Jung, and Lacan seem pretty backward to me for not utilizing entheogens. If you recall, Leary was a psychology professor when he first tried entheogens. I personally find more truth to his “system” than to any of theirs. Freud’s Sabbatean projection known as the Oedipal complex totally misinterpreted Sophocles and that has led to lots of people going down confused roads.

I’ve talked about some of these things before- maybe you think only a loony toon would say it?

It’s been forever since I’ve had one of these. Being watched by feds kind of gets in the way of that.

People tend to repress this type of experience because it refutes what we normally consider to be “reality”. So just to get along living normal life they forget about it or tell themselves it wasn’t real.

the subject’s consciousness appears to encompass elements that do not have any continuity with his usual ego identity and that cannot be considered simple derivatives of his experiences in the three-dimensional world.

Not to sound too “out there” but there might be some truth to that idea from the Assassin’s Creed games about being able to recover ancient memories.

No one cares about any of this. Many are at Freud’s level, talking about dicks all the time, because they’re close to animals. I’m just going to talk about tits all the time, I bet you’ll really respect me for that.

What’s your first memory? Mine is the sunshine on the school building when I was a kindergartener. Some people have gone back farther…

embryonal and fetal experiences. Their existence represents a serious challenge to accepted scientific paradigms, although they are certainly the least controversial of the various transpersonal elements that emerge in LSD sessions.

I don’t think I’ve had this experience myself, exactly. It’s a pretty common report though. They’re not always good either. If there was like a really loud noise when you were still in the womb you might remember that because it was traumatizing. Some report being a baby with “telepathy” and being able to sense it was unwanted by the mother.

How much of this is just “being high”? We’re still speculating about that- psychonauts tend to be more open-minded than most. Maybe you’d just have to try it for yourself?

And like Grof said, we’re speaking here only of one of the least controversial experiences out there.

Like I’ve said, the JQ is nothing to me because what I’ve seen in the unconscious is the REAL dangerous business.

AHahaha this is EXACTLY what a tripper would say too!

the fetus repeats in its embryonal development (ontogenesis) the history of its species (phylogenesis) in an abbreviated and condensed way.

This is just early Grof too. Already at this point he’d been through hundreds of LSD sessions. Think 50 years later and he’s still alive and writing.

Society is behind in terms of political science and society is behind in terms of psychology too…

“I’m not behind, I’m just the perfect stereotype of a shitlib!” Oh okay, my mistake.

I’ve had this type of experience

The individual feels that his memory has transcended its usual limits and that he is in touch with information related to the life of his biological ancestors. Sometimes, such experiences are related to comparatively recent history and more immediate ancestors… In an extreme form, however, they can reach back many generations or even centuries.

You can experience the cellular level, and I THINK that’s connected with this somehow. Again, I haven’t sought this out for a while, so.

See, this is why I said MDMA therapy is probably really superficial. You’re not going to get any of this from MDMA, even at high doses.

How do I know so many subjects and why am I so hated? I don’t fucking get it!

This is hilarious

realized that what was considered to have been primary intrapsychic problems were actually introjected and internalized conflicts between generations of their dead kinsmen.

No, that’s not a “you” problem, that problem goes back centuries in some cases. That’s part of why I’m always talking about history, because entheogens helped me see this in a concrete way.

All of our curses that we have as Euros… sigh

The Oresteia is all about curses, that’s why I like it.

Leary is the first one to have claimed that one could physically “read” one’s DNA

the subject’s conviction that he is confronted with events that form a part of his own developmental line, as if he were reading his own genetic code.

The Amazonian shamans knew all about double-helixes before we discovered them.

You could say I know the Normans rather well!

“You were supposed to be erased.” Sucks to be a pleb, doesn’t it, nigger. Go chuck a spear for me or something, maybe you’ll prove you’re at least good at one thing.

Grof is merely talking about LSD here- that’s child’s play.

It’s just weird that I find this specific memory randomly

This is creepy. She later confirmed she was the ancestor of this nobleman through genealogy.

Renata also had an experience of identification with a non-human form of life from even earlier in time. She saw the therapist as the same sort of animal and became sexually aroused. Weird stuff can happen, and frankly, I want to try more.

“That’s bestiality, technically.” Oh well.

Yup, one can be sent directly to hell too

cast subjects into past-life situations characterized by agonizing physical pain, bitterness, hatred and murderous aggression, inhuman terror and anguish, lustful passion, insane jealousy, or morbid greed and avarice.

Some of this stuff isn’t foreign to Jung by the way. And William James also took “the paranormal” seriously.

What is the stereotype, that you’ll identify with a glass of orange juice and jump out the window or something? Yeah, you can have that too. That’s why I constantly emphasize that you should do it with someone who is a serious person.

This is another possibility of “identification”

Whether it’s just a fantasy? Again, that’s up to your own experience to decide.

Read more about this here.

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