Yeah, it’s really obvious

They believe humans are evolving into superhumans, but only some humans are evolving, a spiritual-genetic elite, while other humans (perhaps particular races or classes) are failing to evolve… Stan Grof and Rick Doblin argue that psychedelics are an evolutionary catalyst, and trippers an evolutionary elite.

I don’t think it’s true for normies though. Nothing can help them. Born to not evolve, basically.

Seriously, who even reads it (nobody)

In this essay, I’m going to focus on the weird and little-read books that Leary produced in the 1970s while on the run in Switzerland, then when he was locked up in various US prisons

The way I see it is- there’s an initiatory chain between neech-Crowley-Leary, and Leary purified Crowley, rendering himself closer to neech than him. Leary has one of the best models for the superman and revaluation of all values.

I suggest not to be fooled by the hippie trappings surrounding Leary. People like him know they’re born among a certain kind of fashion, and he’s freer than that fashion.

You can see me as crazy or not- I believe this is true

he suggests psychedelics enable you to connect directly to DNA, to tap into your entire genetic history, and potentially to speed up your evolution, by freeing yourself from your ‘imprinting’ and enabling you to ascend the evolutionary ladder.

I think the problem normies have is they’re only able to approach the imprinting WITH their imprinting. So they try to fix the problem with the same thing that is the problem.

It just has to be this way, you can accept it or not

You are more likely to find the evolutionary agents closer to jail than to the professor’s chair.

Someone else I think is under-appreciated from that time–and similar to Leary except he’s an artist–is Ken Kesey. Some of these “hippies” would be on the right today.

This is way too tolerant

Only one out of five hundred thousand humans can join the crew…It cannot be denied that Terra II is an elite of elites

No one wants to be close to prison (or Guantanamo) so evolution is stunted.

It’s worth looking at this again, for “synchronicities”

If you grow up in ZOG I doubt the eighth stage is accessible to you. I think I hover around the 6th and 7th on my better days.

Most people are firmly in the first four stages.

I don’t feel “proud of myself” or something, I’m only trying to tell you my observations about humanity.

My recent foray into Psychology for instance is an attempt at “reprogramming” myself. I’m doing this all the time in different ways. Then you turn your head and look at the cultural schmoozers and recognize they never do that a second in their life. I guess I shouldn’t call people who are akin to toddlers “niggers” but I still try to treat them like adults since they look like adults and have the rights of adults.

This is probably my favorite book of Leary’s- I’m not sure if you read it when I recommended it back in the day

The only thing that’s managed to do something better than Leary since he died is probably Mass Effect. I would trade Mass Effect for Leary any day of the week though.

This is actually true if you take Leary as the ideal of California that is never actualized anymore

The Africans are thus 2 million years behind California. Western Europe… is Stage 11 Bourgeois roughly 400 years behind-time.

Cali didn’t turn out the way Leary dreamed it, now it itself is hundreds of years behind-time in my opinion.

Honestly, I see Iran as somewhere near the Euro year 1500 AD, and that’s an improvement compared to the west’s embrace of kikes, niggers, and dumb cunts. Because with that we’re living thousands of years BC.

Perhaps Iran got too close to “the modernity year” and that explains their protests.

I want to be living in the year 2500 AD and I don’t think zog-proggery is going to get us there. I’m the “true progressive”.

See the types of “people” commenting on him these days?

I will be critical though and say that Leary did not predict trends very well.

Racers will only go as far and as fast and as high as they were bred to go… Within ten years after Genetic Counseling Courses start studying Genetic Problems we can expect courses in Genetic Potentials and Self- Selected Breeding.

That’s not happening in California, duuude. It’s not happening in the west in general. And the hippies were partially to blame. This is just another of the countless examples of the rabble of a movement winning out over the exceptions due to sheer numbers.

You’re not going to have those in ZOG!!

I at least try to maintain a place on the internet that is similar to a High Orbital Mini Earth.

See, you just have to love Leary at the end of the day

In the worst pages of his future-history books, Leary suggests that Hitler was an ‘evolutionary agent’, a ‘self-actualized reality fabricator…a futant [future mutant] whose brain had been activated five stages ahead of his time’.

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