If you follow me regarding the triviality of MDMA (it’s a “rave drug”)–I would characterize it as accentuating sensuousness, which has its place in life no doubt–you start to wonder if anyone is an expert on more higher-order problems, that those of us with “the dark night of the soul” suffer.

Yes, this is Grof

MDMA only treats around the 4th and 5th circuits. It’s the “love drug”. LSD, mescaline, Shulgin inventions, etc. treat around the 6th and 7th circuits. These are the “mind drugs”. The 8th circuit is “treated” by DMT, Iboga, and, in some cases, Ketamine.

Let’s just stick with the 6th and 7th circuits for now. If you ask me, the Freudian “couch” model should be thrown in the garbage. Being in a “clinic” undermines the whole experience. (ESPECIALLY with 8th circuit treatments.)

So-called “therapists” should be taking you out into nature. It’s one of the ugly symptoms of living in mass-culture that we do sessions in a “clinic”. This is factory farm mental illness treatment.

It’s not only just the setting. We’re trying to get to the Platonic Form of “Help” here. I postulate that the therapist themself should also be on a light dose of the entheogen. So this would be a demanding task, extremely demanding.

I think that this would help a lot of people if it were instituted. (And part of it is that it’s free from “institutions”.)

I don’t think many therapists would last in these conditions. Maybe a decade, if they’re abnormally strong. You have to take a reality-melting drug, with your patient, in the wilderness, and also form a One with them enough to empathize adequately. That would wear and tear their souls. It does seem like the only thing that could help many people though, just my thought from off the reservation.

Another problem with this would be “bonding with the patient”. This is why I suggest an asymmetrical dose. I would say the therapist only has about a quarter of the dose. Just to “be there with them” in some sense. Because the regular egoic person cannot do that. Especially if they’re sitting in a “clinic”. That sounds like a “bad trip” waiting to happen, being drugged and talking to a bureaucrat of the state.

So my advice about the ideal future of “confession” wait wait I have to pretend I’m not a priest, is that it’s outside the walls of the state AND the therapist takes part themselves.

Or just read Grof, he’s more of the pro on this, if you sense I’m right that “MDMA therapy” would be intrinsically inadequate.

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