He’s a quarter pitbull and you better not dare judge him!

He’s mostly mastiff though, he’s going to be vicious someday. They have over 3x the bite force of the average dog. Not so ferocious when they’re puppies though.

Don’t some dogs just look like a piece’a shit?

The top left and bottom right ones look like nigger dogs. You can tell this with people too, obvs.

Having a puppy around brings out a different side of my personality.

One of my favorite things to do with dogs (not puppies) is gaslight them. I give them a bone and after they’ve been gnawing on it for a few minutes I grab a side of it and say “Give me my bone! What are you doing with MY BONE? That’s MY bone!”

The mastiff is only around top 4 dogs for hardest bite.

Here is the one with the hardest bite, the kangal shepherd

I’d be hesitant to play the gaslight game with this dog unless I knew it since it was a puppy

Let’s put it this way. A typical car-crusher is 2000 PSI and a kangal’s bite is 750 PSI. For perspective, a chow’s is around 220. I use the example of the chow because this is one of the least loyal, least obedient dog breeds. You’re looking for a dog that’s dangerous and also loyal to you, and the chow is neither. So this is a dog for leftists I suppose. “We need to love chows anyway!”

That mastiff puppy’s only been here for a couple hours and he’s already relaxed and started being playful. He was scared at first, to be away from the teet. Hiding under his stinky blanket. He’ll likely be striking fear into the hearts of men in the future.

Heh, “collar aesthetic” is a thing too

A dapper gentleman collar for the goodest boys.

Not to sound weird but you can tell by the smell of shit whether it’s a nigger dog or not. Rottweilers for instance have some nasty shit.

“You will NOT judge my dog!” No, I’ll judge YOU though.

They’re not “normal” animals…

What’s it like to be able to smell not just every bit of open food in the house but also to smell sadness in humans or even the passage of time? 

Lovecraft is getting the shiv here. Cats remind me of Asian people (defective).

“You wanna mess with me?”

The tiger and cat diverged from each other about 11 million years ago.

Try to tolerate the “Rottweiler” in this video.


Among the animals usually taken in as pets, dogs constitute a rather impressive proportion. After all, they are man’s best friend!

This little puppy’s already starting to nip at me. I held his head with both hands and told him he should only be doing that with the criminals. And I think part of him understood.

Pff, and we pretend we can’t do this with humans

There are over 100 different breeds of dogs with distinguishably different characteristics and features

Having a jewish nigger dog in your home…

Or in your mind.

“I don’t have a choice.” That’s funny, because I have a choice and I don’t seem so different from you.

More on the kangal shepherd

There are a number of mysteries attached to this breed which make it one of the best dog breeds. 

(They like to hide.)

It’s movie night for me though so I’ll see you later.

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