Obviously I have a mad scientist mood about dogs too

The traits with the highest rates of heritability — in other words, those that seemed to be most influenced by genetic factors rather than environmental ones — were behaviors such as trainability, predatory chasing, stranger-directed aggression and attention seeking.

They have certain genes linked with influencing behavior found also in humans.

I’m researching this to get around the political correctness in the field of human genetics.

It would be interesting if certain human breeds were more attention-seeking than others, more loyal than others, etc. The gene for excessive whining, etc.

Poodles and border collies, for example, had higher trainability scores, while Chihuahuas and dachshunds had higher aggression toward strangers.

“That’s all you are, a little chihuahua yipping at people you hate!” You wish.

The human sheep must be lacking these ones

Three neuronal-related genes (JAK2, MEIS1, and LRRTM4) were revealed as candidates for predation behavior.

I honestly expect there to be something like a “slave gene” that many people have. It’s not like zog-scientists are going to be putting the pedal to the metal to isolate it.

I wonder which Euro subspecies has the fewest cads and hoes

Specifically, high [heritability] values were observed for attachment and attention-seeking

Wow, have to look into Irish genetics

“Learning to live with someone you hate isn’t a good thing!” Sure, other factors need to be tested for.

Central Europe doesn’t look too bad though, relative to the US which is around 50.

Which Euro subspecies are most cowardly?

With the use of large single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) datasets and C-BARQ data of diverse breeds, dog fearlessness and aggression traits have been mapped to be associated with GNAT3CD36 (CFA18) and IGSF1 (CFAX) loci

We’ve mapped dogs out better than we have humans…

Euro subspecies with crappy memory should be looked at as women with sulfurous eggs and men with handicap sperm.

Rotten eggs are a delicacy for some

This would be important to know too

HS6ST2 gene was first reported to be associated with dog sociability behavior and recently was detected to be significantly related to human neuroticism

It would also be interesting if there were optimal hybrids between Euro subspecies. Say, if each of a certain two had a specific flaw, and both flaws were eliminated in the child.

“Only a nazi would want flaws eliminated!”

You sound soooo smart, wow.

Maybe there’s a particular Euro that, when crossed with a jew, would produce a being without kikeiness but which retains intelligence. Neech hinted at something like this.

“Which one?! Please free me from my jewish prison!” He didn’t say specifically. He thought the Euro nobility should cross with the refined sort of jew for reasons of instilling peacefulness. Sounds risky to me. Neech should be taken with a grain of salt in some things because he had an inferiority-complex in the shadow of Wagner, and so disagreed with him for its own sake.

All I know is this little puppy better stop chewing on my socks or he’s “going to the farm” as my grandpa used to say.

Anglo fat fucks

In America it’s 42%!

Ugh, eager to please- I need a woman like that

Independence is also probably a gene, one that most are lacking.

Life is better in certain counties, just sayin

Gross, Tennessee looks like a vomit state on this map. I’m sure the puke will be spreading north as time goes on too.

Did I ever tell you that a handful of my favorite best friends in high school ended up being German when I looked up their last names a decade later?

It’s an ethos. (They were all smart, witty, and liked ME–good traits if you ask me). Do YOU have that gene, to like ME? That’s a great sign.

There’s probably a gene linked to lusting after people like me too. A succubus doesn’t have a choice to be what she is.

See, you won’t find the following about Euro subspecies, though it doubtlessly exists

The demiurge-worshiping temperament- not a good look.

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