Searching for the word “caste” in Leary’s complete works

Those who are lucky enough to recognize their post-human genetic caste… understand that they are Time Travellers, literally walking around in past civilizations.

He estimated that Frank Herbert was able to predict “nine mutations” of society ahead in his “fiction”.

He thought Herbert was at stage 20 on this

Why someone like Herbert is worthwhile for Leary

I still think that Daniel Suarez is a sort of Herbert of our own time (so far) (he has the best CRISPR novel I’m aware of).

Being able to think too many mutations ahead isn’t always a good thing though

At one point, Leary was in hiding in the Alps- must’ve been nice.

Leary says on most planets there are agents that set up base camps to rescue time-travelers from “local hive webs”. (He was one of these agents.)

Ours is around stage 13

“These numbers are arbitrary.” Somewhat. The following is True though

The caste distinctions are blatantly visible, but discussion of genetic types is taboo among modern humans

(Emphasis mine.)

Leary wasn’t exactly a hard determinist. There are ways to manipulate one’s caste, for better or worse

Birth control is self-directed management of temporal caste sequence. Women can postpone Stage 11 maternal-matron-morality.

He says that a baby’s gurgles override their brains and prevent them from competing with men. Yes… sounds, dare I say, “natural”.

Yoga is another way to manipulate/self-direct what he calls “temporal casteing”. Being in a stage 13 culture though, not many are going to be taking up that pursuit. However, the human spirit is dynamic, and it’s possible to “bootstrap” from 13 to 14, 15, etc. using yoga.


At least I probably have some readers who don’t need to wait for space migration to grasp various future mutations in advance.

Similar to yoga, entheogens can help rewrite the latter

the difference between neuro-genetic caste and local-social-imprint

This is significant for those who feel accused when I use the term “bioleninist”. Yoga&etc. can potentially self-direct you beyond stage 13. Usually people at that level are hostile to this sort of talk so they’ll be closed-off to any advice and in denial about what is being said.

The “cog role” in most cases

You are templated by DNA to play a certain role and outfitted with a 24-gear brain

Many are able to temporarily experience all 24 gears but will return back to the 13th one, like clockwork. Rigorous yoga could ameliorate this “return” problem.

Furthermore, many of the lower gears never go away. For instance, I experience the 13th, 12th, 11th, etc. on a daily basis- the difference is I recognize them for what they are. Whereas Americans are “trapped” in the 13th and lower, and don’t recognize them AS lower.

Obviously, growing up in the primate Lincoln’s America, all the while drowning in exile kike propaganda, there are gears I don’t have access to myself in any permanent way. Here are a couple that Leary notes

Maybe I’ve had certain out-of-body linkages with some people over the years. There are some women who like to BELIEVE that at least. And maybe it’s true to some extent. But Leary above is talking about something much more complex and sustained than that. (I’m partially occupying the 13th circuit by writing this paragraph.)

We use teh internets to do this now

I think we’ve rescued many time-travelers, so kudos.

You have to hand it to Leary for formulating what we have done

We are DNA robots ourselves, so it’s not like we had much choice to be evolutionary agents. It’s just interesting that he was able to See this mutation before it happened in the future.

“You’re just talking to yourself, no one understands what you’re saying!” Sure.

Sorry if you see yourself in the following highlighting. Hey, it’s better than not being one.

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