Let’s do foray into one of the best orators of the 21st century, Jonathan Bowden

when speaking about Yeats, we are also speaking about the Irish nation and the Irish race, wherever it lives, since Yeats the artist positions himself as an antenna of that race, as Ezra Pound would put it.

Bowden and Pound were Saxons I believe, and the above is true of them too.

Back in the day there seemed to be more of a Bowden craze. He definitely influenced me. There are certain levels of reality you can only understand if someone is a great orator, and he was that. What’s lesser known about him though are his writings.

I was feeling dead inside (as one often does in ZOG) and I happened to see an article about him and I instantly perked right up. Listen to his speeches if you haven’t.

No one seems to get this

the role of the Rightist to which Bowden draws our attention in Reactionary Modernism is that of the wrecker, the dissolver, the sledgehammer, the stick of dynamite in the load-bearing pillar of a rotten edifice, and the cold, cruel winter that must precede regenerative spring.

Rightists tend to be way too nice. That’s why I call em quarter-commies.

On Wyndham Lewis (a marginalized reactionary for as long as I’ve been in these circles)

He argues, he gets in your face, he makes enemies, he “infights,” he BLASTS

Maybe that’s why he’s marginalized? At least Bowden appreciated him, and that’s probably all a dead white male would need at the end of the day.

Bowden’s speeches form a pretty complete “canon” if you ask me. If you studied the texts of the people he (briefly) outlines you wouldn’t need much else.

Then again, given that most reactionaries seem part-jewbrained, it wouldn’t hurt to expand beyond those figures too.

Everyone loves this picture of him

His ideal was “the cultured thug”. Pretty perfect formula for the Kali Yuga.

Don’t you just hate these people?

Reactionary modernism’s pesky dynamism and energetic rancor upsets the tender sensibilities of the liberal Right, which does not like to make waves and would prefer civility in discourse.

There is a spectre haunting Europe, the spectre of castration.

See, I knew I was right about this-

In Tarr, all of the personalities, even the conventional German romantic Bertha, betray the fascination for illiberal qualities always manifest in the liberal breast. Surely the secret attraction, particularly in art, that liberals have for anti-liberal intellectuals is a love that dare not speak its name.

This is Lewis’s most well-known novel. Bowden thinks it’s very rare in literature to find an illiberal novel like this.

Now we have the genderized and racialized bohemia to add to this

Prole retardization wasn’t enough, we had to retardize ourselves further with dumb cunts, kikes, spics, etc.

Lewis got to die in the 50s, lucky man.

Bowden got to die in 2012- also lucky.

Would anyone ever admit that they’re bourgeois or is that just a slur they apply to others?

Believe it or not—Lewis believes in attacking the audience . . . a key component in all early forms of modernist art. In this respect, such intellectuals regarded themselves as at war with bourgeois life

Yeah, the “liberal Right” (quarter-commies) is bourgeois. The liberal liberals, it goes without saying.

Oh yeah, guess which ancient tragedian Bowden wrote and gave a speech on? Das right- Aeschylus.

Was… Bowden himself like this? I can’t remember him being this way. Maybe he was?

Lewis was always like this—he loved to upset people, most especially when they were on his own side.

One can’t help but wholeheartedly agree with him here

Your saviors the nigger rat kikes are really punishing you, and you’re blind! That’s because you’re clinically, doctor-signed retarded yourself.

Anyway, a modernist like Joyce is well-known while Lewis is forgotten because Joyce was a little zoggling- so, similar to the Pound case. Childermass is Lewis’s “equivalent” of Ulysses. Not like the bourgeois, liberal right reads anything besides the worthless news!

We don’t have people like Lewis

The mediocrity of the majority of people, their total absence of taste: he wants to shake them by the throat! It’s a very aggressive form of culture, and Lewis was perforce a very aggressive man.

How about just bring a cinderblock down onto their skull and get it over with instead?

Heh, he’s more blacklisted (canceled) than Pound, so what does that tell you? Pound is more of a cleancut academic type in comparison.

Bowden does have a genuine Nietzschean fire. You can listen to a speech of his on Lewis here.

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