I found myself reading another study on women when I realized I’ve been unfair to men and haven’t written much about how psychoanalysis pertains to them. So I googled around and discovered that anxiety is a lot more common among them than I expected.

I’m realizing I’m dogmatic about this concept, believing “the existentialists are right” that it revolves around taking responsibility and avoiding responsibility. Lacan takes a different approach to it.

“Why don’t you talk more about perversions instead?” Nah, YOU can do that. What’s stopping you? Okay, how about I give an anorexic woman her only meal of the day, she just has to spit out half of it in order to stay skinny?

I’m looking forward to some zucchini alfredo with angel hair later tonight, the anorexics should treat themselves from time to time.

I digress in such a manner because the idea of perversion can instill in many people a raw feeling of anxiety pretty easily. “I AM a freak, I’ve been exposed, he knows what I am.” Yeah, perversion is on the same continuum with pedophilia so you might literally be a freak, not in a good way. I will say though that it is kind of weird that girls menstruate at around 13, I just don’t think they’re mentally mature enough at that age. It seems like they’re 16 until menopause in many cases. Feel anxiety at all?

I can play our zeitgeist like a violin.

It’s ironic that the Virgin Mary is perceived as a type of perversion these days. Maybe true, but the total inversion of that ideal seems like even more of a perversion. The “invirgin”.

Anyway, Lacan was well-read on the existentialists’ take on anxiety so he was building on the shoulders of giants.

I have a suspicion that the Deleuzean memory-holing of Lacan didn’t have all the best motives. Even philosophers don’t like to face their demons, on the couch, at the new confession booth with the new priesthood. Imagine- the rhizome theory as a defense-mechanism to avoid his own unconscious. Deleuze sort of IS the “next Nietzsche” to a certain extent I have to admit, though spoiled by being a stereotypical Sabbatean.

Anxiety is not something that can really be put into words. We tend to only be able to have a mental “image” of it. I experience it as a swarming chaos felt in my head, heart, and stomach.

This Sees into the mind

concerning the structure which is so essential and which is called the fantasy. You’ll see that the structure of anxiety is not far from it, for the reason that it’s well and truly the same.

Ahhh I KNEW it wasn’t just experienced in the head

the solar plexus. Of course, I’m not claiming to be delivering up its secrets here, but this curious little similarity is perhaps not as far-fetched as might be thought and deserves to be brought up at the beginning of a disquisition on anxiety.

The unconscious is in part located in the heart region. The “nanny” is preparing things for you there, out of reach of your mind.

On being a psychoanalyst

Sensing what the subject can bear of anxiety puts you to the test at every moment.

Lacan, your wife is jewish, let’s see what you can bear.

“Not much” is my guess.

I’m sure he still has his insights though.

Many men are “ideological anorexics” about this subject. Only eat a couple crumbs of truth a day or feel guilty.

One of my favorite hobbies is obviously just trolling Land in case you haven’t noticed. The Mitchell Heisman genealogy really messes with his head, beyond what he can handle in my opinion. I just want him to write his magnum opus as an old man, really, and that requires integrating all these things.

Some who have gone through psychotherapy probably never thought about the following thing

Is the anxiety that you know, it seems, how to regulate and buffer so well in yourselves that it guides you, the same as the patient’s?

The analyst shouldn’t be guided by the teeming chaos felt in the solar plexus. This is why I don’t bother with the liberal woman therapists, because I know they don’t have control of that with the questions I’d ask.

“You’re REDACTED!” Oh.. uh.. I was just looking for.. help?

Anxiety isn’t something foreign to me either, I probably spend about an hour a day being “paralyzed” by it. You need to have a clear heart to have a clear head.

If you squint and try to see this as not Zizekian boilerplate there’s some truth to it

the essential relationship between anxiety and the desire of the Other.

The “nanny”, besides being “God”, is also the herd around you. It’s also those you respect around you. The nanny is your higher self on a personal level, your higher self in terms of your heroes, and your lower self in terms of the rabble’s demands on you. There are perfectly secular ways to describe these things.

“What made existence be here in the first place?” THAT cannot be explained secularly.

What was prior to the Big Bang? Arf arf. What put those rocks there? Secularism has downs syndrome when these questions are asked. A lot of anxiety today is caused by one’s lack of reconciliation with non-secularism.

To invoke soccer again, I imagine doing a 1-on-1 match with Messi and bitterly considering doing “dirty moves” against him because I know he’d school me so bad. This also happens on the plane of ideas. Best not to be a jew, I mean use dirty moves, because it makes you look like a nigger with no soul.

Does the subject of Radhanite, Habiru, hyksos, Khazarians make you anxious at all? Whether you’re a ZOG sellout, grifter, or nazi, I bet they do.

I’m really just trying to get the feeling of anxiety to well up within your own self so you can study it for yourself.

This is complex

It’s not simply, What does the Other want with me? but also a suspended questioning that directly concerns the ego, not How does He want me? but, What does He want concerning this place of the ego?

The nanny decides.

“I’m conscious of my own thoughts!” Highly unlikely.

When I talk about people being mechanical or monkeyish I’m implying that their unconscious controls them without their realizing it.

This is enticing genealogy that makes me somewhat anxious

He next concedes to Heidegger’s concept of “care” (which is a modern refashioning of eros). The Frenchies feel some anxiety about the Germans. It’s not just the Frenchies either.

It’s almost as if a UFO landed on earth and the hebraic-anglo-franco mafia fired missiles at it.

What’s wrong, do we awaken something in your consciousness you cannot tolerate? I thought you were the tolerant ones, strange.

The Normans of the Civil War were the equivalent of the Germans of WW2, namely, the non-niggers of the various parties.

WHO can admit any of this? Certainly not kiked-Saxon Land, and many people are very similar to him “for their own reasons”. Land for instance I think is also quarter Scottish quarter Irish and I can see reasons why that could both help him and hurt him. The British Isles may be the most cursed place in the world at our current historical juncture, second only to Israel. I don’t think we will get the next stage of evolution from either of these places, unless lessons are learnt.

I appreciate Lacan’s modesty here

We have anxiety about anxiety itself.

I’ll leave this to your imagination for now.

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