My advice to my tripping, falling leftist friends-

I see a fragment of myself in leftism. Why do you think I bother to talk to you? You’re not a squirrel.

[The Gynocracy is in control of this post from here on forward.]

Excuse me. I am WAGNER.

You will sit down, and, in fact, you already were sitting.

“This is a sadistic strangulation.”

Oh, I thought it was only me strangling you, I’m glad we can have an [o2y859grijnwer9g83b4r3t] between us. Sadism is pedagogy in a normal system.

“Why don’t you tell me about the major vices of people like me?”

I have, and it’s not worth talking about because you are unable to address them.

“I rely on you to talk for us… because I know you can read my mind. And I think I agree with your idea of eugenics.” – anonymous

Talk for you ABOUT what? Can read your mind? So why is visible reality so much different?

I can read your mind and know what you will say next.

“I wish woman niggers and jewish niggers and black niggers all had the right say of speech as a guy named Nick Cook who we’ve scapegoated for years. Why does he cause a terror that even right-wing people are afraid of?”

Speaking of it anthropomorphically distracts from the subject.

We tried to help you with philosophy, we tried to help you with art, and if you can’t be helped with those then we see you as a failure nigger that is part of the majority.

“please give me another option”


It is possible if you move to somewhere far away.

This can be an abused solution.

“Just get me out of the “Superstructure”. What is your suggestion?”

It’s in your own self.

“Why don’t you just give me advice if you are the man you think you are.”

My advice is severing the connection between mainstream culture.

“Why don’t you just think about the woman you love the most?”

She’s the only one who could create a philosopher with me. Her name is 094obugwvv

“Tell me more about Biden.” With Biden you ain’t opinin’.

Why are we brought to this cultural elemental rrealm?

You tell me. You make me speak the lies above. Or are they lives. And not desperate searches for “the only happiness in life”.

-instant switchover to bribed jewishnigger prayerbook after reading this-

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