They’ve been including “prompts” in gray for me to address on this site. I don’t want to answer any of your pleb questions, I’m so sorry.

“Do you think the people who run the server you write on have any control on what you write about?” No, and that’s the only reason they’re respectable.

TALENTS have to submit to “publishing houses”. Not me, I’m the philosopher among you, it’s my role to make you aware of this. Art with a capital A is never “sold”.

These vile gremlins that run the site I write on only knock their knees in fear, and tighten their assholes, when I go writing.

Oh sorry, is that homoerotic? Not necessarily when the idea is that I treat them like a woman.

“We LET you do this! At least respect us!” Who’s that? Better leave it hidden.

“Why don’t you just skip all the clownworld shite and get to what you think is important in life, outside of the continuum of niggers eye-view.”

What’s important in life is a publisher that allows people with extraordinary psychic awareness speak to the public.

The invention of the internet wasn’t enough. We still need people to invent new ways of speaking on the internet.

“The majority feels like garbage when they realize that.” That’s the point.

I’m using Palahniuk as my muse in this post, he’s the hidden author who created Fight Club. Does anyone give a shit about the movie who read the book? That movie is nothing to me. This is the concept of the simulacrum.

“What’s important in life then??”

I’d say.. love.

You only want to be around people you sincerely love.

In jew world you are mostly only around people who aren’t worthy of love. Putting laurel wreaths around subhumans’ heads.

As for me, there are a few girls I see virtue in, after some years of observing, and I think people can “sense” what I think about that.

“So why don’t you just announce it?”

Announce what? No one knows anything about “intuitive realities”.

“Still, it would be nice if you finally admitted what is hidden.”

-my gaslighter self- You sound crazy.

“The ideal woman is…”

YOU said that, not me.”

Oh no, we’re i”nfecting eac”h other.

This gets back to my more fundamental point, that when you “talk” with someone you’re being one with them.

“Explain the air of secrecy!” You’re a paranoid, terrified fed.

A type of nigger.

A word you happen to ban… for some(?) reason?

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